The (oh so real) dangers of Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis

Was perusing some Darwin Awards and came across this list of signs that your head might be about to explode.  Thought I would post it for my friends who think too much, eat too much sugar, and all that stuff.

How to Tell if Your Head’s About To Explode

Although HCE is very rare, it can kill. Dr. Martinenko says that being aware of the condition can greatly improve your odds of surviving it. A yes answer to any three of the following seven questions could mean that you have HCE:

1. Does your head sometimes ache when you think too hard? Head pain can indicate overloaded brain circuits.

2. Do you ever hear a faint ringing or humming sound in your ears? It could be the sound of electrical activity in the skull cavity.

3. Do you sometimes find yourself unable to get a thought out of your head? This is a sign of too much electrical activity in the cerebral cortex.

4. Do you spend more than five hours a day reading, balancing your checkbook, or other thoughtful activity? A common symptom of HCE is a tendency to over-use the brain.

5. When you get angry or frustrated, do you feel pressure in your temples? Friends of people who died of HCE say the victims often complained of head pressure in times of strong emotion.

6. Do you overeat ice cream, doughnuts and other sweets? A craving for sugar is typical of people with too much electrical pressure in the cranium.

7. Do you tend to analyze yourself too much? HCE sufferers are often introspective, over-reflective of their lives.


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