Dying of boredom here.

Slow as molasses Friday morning.  Seriously trying not to die, and obviously have been successful so far but am not hopeful about the afternoon.  May be my last blog entry ever.

Instead of finding busy work for myself (which would probably only help hasten my demise), have been thinking about reorganizing my kitchen.  I love my kitchen, and I love my kitchen equipment and all that.  I do not love the way my kitchen is set up now, though.  I don’t love my kitchen table, even though I do love it’s color and the color of the chairs.  Needs to be smaller.  And less cluttered.  It tends to be a catch-all for, you know, all.  Should work on being more organized in that aspect.

Brainstorming more shelving ideas…like installing wall shelves and moving the kitchen table (somewhere?  where?  my house is already too full!  anyone want to trade a kitchen table for a cute little island or kitchen cart?) …..maybe moving the bookshelf I currently have in the kitchen – and painting it too.  Starting to dislike my cutting board display because I feel like it takes up valuable wall real estate.  Want to reorganize my cabinets and remove some cabinet doors, to make the kitchen feel more open.  Granted, would have to put them all back together whenever I move, but should I let that stop me from enjoying the space now?

Might go to Big Lots on my lunch break, to see what kind of stuff they have that might be useful.  Also to help me not to die.  It’s a grey fall day outside and I really wish I could do something about the horrible fluorescent lighting in this office.  I’m sure they’ve done studies to show that office workers who are miserable are tamer…easier to control…etc, because this lighting just puts me into something of a coma if I’m not actively busy.  Coma.  Can barely move anything besides my fingers and eyelids.  Barely.

Going to wait another hour to take lunch.  And then going to take a full hour because my soul needs it.  If I didn’t think it would be frowned on, I would be reading a book or crocheting and not comatose.

Also have been perusing Pinterest for kitchen ideas which was not a good call on my part, as it so far has had these effects on me — 1) it’s depressing because my kitchen is small and lack-luster (which isn’t even true), 2) it’s depressing because I’m at work and cannot actually work on my kitchen right now, and 3) it’s given me one or two ideas.  But mostly the first two.

I’m going to do keyboard proficiency tests until 12:00.

OK, so what’s the point in doing more now?