You guys, I’ve spent the last day or two planning Christmas presents, and at the moment I am VERY excited about what I’ll be making all you people.  (Well, not all of you.  Just the ones of you who are family members.  Sorry.)  I just put together a template for the thing I’m making Sister X (because I found a tutorial online which linked to a template, but the link was bad so I just made my own – which I think looks better anyway) and I REALLY want to post pictures and tell you about how excited I am about this project.  Buuuut I can’t.  Ugh.  Dammit.

Also I spent last night sewing a couple of presents.  Again, not going to say what they were or who they’re for, but it’s not that big of a deal anyway because they aren’t fancy – they’re just part of the gift.  Nevertheless, I had an absolute blast making them and still wish I could blab about it.

I just bought a gold wholesale membership at Tandy Leather.  Wasn’t going to, as the last time I had one of these I used it about once, but leather is so expensive for heaven’s sake!!  Was browsing the leather selection and decided that even if I buy just one hide, I’d save money with a wholesale membership.  (So that extra paycheck I mentioned?  Whatever doesn’t go to bills will probably be going to leather.  I need to start selling this stuff.  Hmm.  I might make some extra of the Gift for Sister X, depending on how difficult it ends up being.  I’m positive that I could sell those, if they turn out well.)

So anyway, if anyone needs leather LET ME KNOW.  We can go to the leather store together!

Someone please make it 5:00 now, though.  Please.