Edinburgh Day Two (or, Last Day in the UK)

I’m about vacationed out, guys. Having a great time still, of course, but we are both looking forward to being home again. Plane leaves tomorrow!!

I have to say – I would be so much more inclined to move to Edinburgh than to London. London was nice and all, but I feel like Edinburgh has more personality. London was full of busy people all dressed in black pretty much. Edinburgh seems to have a wider variety of people.

Of course, I say this having been in both cities like two days. But at any rate, this has been my impression. Plus Scottish accents are to die for.

This morning, we walked to a little cafe for pastries and coffee. We then made our way to Edinburgh Castle which comprised most of the rest of the day’s activities. It was….grand. And beautiful. And humbling. And all that stuff. If my brain wasn’t frazzled from, uh, whatever is frazzling it, I’d offer more reflections. Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy my ramblings (there are a few of you, right?), all you’re getting past this is pictures.

Oh btw. The picture of the chair is where Mary Queen of Scots birthed her only son. James somethingorother.








More pictures

Was without wifi for about 24 hours, and I feel like I’ve re-joined the rest of the world now.

So yesterday was spent traveling. We had breakfast in Cambridge, then got a train to Windermere, er, I mean, we got a ticket to Windermere. There were 4 different trains. Took about 6 hours total. Once we got into town, we checked into our b&b and found somewhere for dinner. Then we came back and went to bed. We both got about 12 hours of sleep – it was great.

Today, we walked down to the lake and then up Orrest Head, which gives you a 360 degree view of the area. It was just gorgeous, albeit windy and a bit chilly. That kind of weather just energizes me, anyway.







Did anyone know I had this many freckles btw?

Cambridge, Day Two (so far)

Just thought I’d put up a few pictures from today so far. We slept kinda late and missed the free breakfast, so walked down to a little pastry/sandwich shop where I got a fresh mozzarella sandwich and Katie got eggs florentine. I took a picture of her plate because the eggs were just perfectly, beautifully poached.


Two comments on the restaurants around here. One: most of them don’t seem to have drip coffee. When I order coffee, I get americanos. So far the only exception I’ve noticed is Starbucks, but they even gave me a weird look when I asked for drip coffee. Had to clarify by saying ” black coffee” and pointing to the urns behind the counter. Two: people don’t seem to drink as much water. You have to ask for a glass of tap water – otherwise you get nothing. I’m so used to places in the US just bringing you water before you even order.

So anyway, after breakfast we walked around a bit more. It’s a GORGEOUS spring day – the trees are in bloom, daffodils are everywhere, the sky is blue, and the grass is oh so green.







Goodness Cambridge is adorable. We thought about going to Oxford, but were told that Cambridge is nicer (and Anna Laura said it was anticlimactic, as I recall).

This morning, we checked out of our London hotel and took the train to Cambridge. Here, we’re staying in a cute little hotel right above a pub, which is extremely convenient. After checking in, we walked around a bit but we both have very sore feet so a couple hours later, we’re back in our room. Even though there’s not a ton to say, I thought I’d put up some pictures anyway. Sorry I’m not in any of these, Mom….. I feel super tourist-y, pulling out my phone all the time to take pictures. I can get over that though.




A note about that last one – it is definitely a picture of a guy playing his guitar inside of a trash can. I was claustrophobic just looking at him.

Second day in London

Oh I love free wifi. I don’t guess it’s actually free if it’s from the hotel we’re staying in (the Grosvenor, if you wondered), but nevertheless.

So we’ve been in London two days now. We got into town yesterday around 7am, and dropped off our luggage at the hotel. We then walked down to Buckingham Palace where we did not see any royalty or changing of guards. It was somewhat surreal still, just because it’s a famous courtyard. We then walked down to the Thames, over to the Eye of London which we didn’t have much interest in riding, and walked back past Big Ben and parliament. Got back to the hotel, took a nap, and then went out for drinks and dinner. And then went back to bed. Heh.

The were two highlights today. First we went to Baker Street where we did not tour the museum (the line was long, and c’mon guys, he wasn’t a real person), but we did go into the gift shop were I spent like £35. Which is a lot more than $35. But it’s all good. 🙂 Katie took my picture under the 221B sign, so that was nice too.


So we walked through Regent Park and ended up at the British Museum. Which was amazing. Omg it was amazing. Saw the actual Rosetta Stone. And that bust of Alexander. There was a piece of a column from the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and also a whole room of reliefs and statues from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. ALL ORIGINALS. And there was so, so much more. It was …just an amazing piece of humanity’s story that I hadn’t been expecting to encounter. Museums that house largely reproductions can still be interesting, but there’s just something really special about being able to see originals. It makes you feel insignificant, and part of a bigger story. Pretty great. IMO.

The subway system here is called the Underground (or the Tube) and is super easy to navigate. I was so relieved after I realized it was so simple. The only bad part are the people! Most of them are in such a huge, terrible rush to get somewhere. I realize that most big cities are probably this way, and that Nashville doesn’t provide a very good example of urban life like London does. But geez. I seriously feel like I’m in someone’s way at least 50% of the time.

Ok, enough of this for now. Tomorrow we are headed to Cambridge – just booked a hotel room for one night. Still trying to decide where to go after Cambridge though…..

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Lousy Smarch Weather

I guess it isn’t Smarch yet. But I hate coming up with titles.

I’ve started a new entry every morning so far this week, but keep deleting them because I realize half-way through the first paragraph that I don’t actually have anything to say. I’m giving it another shot this Wednesday morning, though.

Last weekend was simply wonderful. On Friday, I got a massage. Saturday I got up and went to Hidden Lakes – it was a GORGEOUS day for it. I think I’ve mentioned, but solo hiking is the best thing ever.

hidden lakes winter

hidden lakes winter ii

After, I ended up hanging out with Ryan. Oh, also spent a good chunk of time cleaning up the house on Saturday. Sunday was spent mostly luxuriating in the sunshine. It was a lovely weekend.

I think the time change and the sun coming out has made me feel moody the last couple of days, though. The weather change is energizing and exciting, and it makes me remember what it used to feel like to be able to look forward to going home to Matt and hanging out with him all evening. Lovely weather is infinitely more lovely when you’re able to share it with someone you love, and the fact that Matt is gone is hitting home (again). I wish I could stop thinking about him. On the other hand, I wish I never had to stop thinking about him. It’s conflicting.

I was telling someone about Woodland’s (amazing Indian restaurant) and almost started to cry when I remembered how often we used to go there. I haven’t been after giving blood in such a long time. God damn I miss Matt.