ok, SO.

Some things.

Firstly, Thanksgiving is fresh on my mind because Stephen told me yesterday that his mom can for sure come up for it, which means that I can start planning everything now!  It’s probably just going to be the three of us for dinner, plus Cathy during the afternoon (but she has family dinner) — unless anyone reading this wants to come too, in which case you are welcome!  There will be an awesome lot of food.  So far all I know is we’re doing a charcuterie and cheese platter again, and will have a crock pot of mulled wine and a crock pot of mulled cider.  And obviously there will be turkey, stuffing (which Stephen can make), Aunt Carol’s sweet potato casserole, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes of some sort, gravy, Grandma’s magic chocolate pie, and maybe some green beans or something.  That green bean casserole that Katie made last year was really good, come to think of it.  May do that.  Hm.

ANYWAY.  I should really NOT be thinking about all this right now because I have to wait until 1:30 to go to lunch (normal time is noon) and I am already SO hungry.  Made some cabbage soup last night – I think it’s the same soup that Mom and Dad made a few times when we were little.  It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly not loaded potato soup, or broccoli cheddar.  At ANY rate, thinking about Thanksgiving food is making my stomach very angry at me.

So tonight after work, I have to glaze those skull cakes.  The cakes themselves are lemon flavored, so I was thinking that I might do a lavender glaze.  Dammit, talking about food again.

I will probably put on a good horror movie tonight too.  Maybe…Rosemary’s Baby?  Or the Ring?  If I’m going to be glazing cakes, it needs to be one that i have seen before.  And I’m waiting to watch the Changeling with Stephen, who has finally agreed to watch it with me.  😀

Been doing a terrible job of making leather stuff lately, let me tell you.  But I have been baking cakes and reading more, which are both good and productive.  Bought Stacy Schiffs new book, The Witches: Salem 1692, which is about the Salem Witch Trials (duh).  I’m just a couple of chapters into it, but it’s really good so far.  We read an excerpt from it that was published a couple of months ago in the New Yorker, and have been waiting for the book to finally come out since then.

Anyway.  I feel more organized now.  Don’t forget to let me know if you want to come for Thanksgiving.


I am going to have a productive week.  I am not going to spend money on things that I cannot justify.  Instead, I am going to stay home and bake skull cakes for Halloween, and do my laundry, and clean my house.  I am going to buy candy for trick-or-treaters before it all sells out.  I am going to iron both of my cloaks.  I am going to act like an adult.

Furthermore, I am going to be productive until the end of the year.  I am down to two listings on Etsy, which is terrible – because it’s hard to sell things if you don’t have anything listed.  Therefore I am going to list a bunch of small wallets again, which i figure will take me maybe 1-2 days to pull together, so that at least the shop won’t be empty.  I have too many custom projects right now to be listing big items, but after Christmas I’ll start doing that again.

These things are utterly realistic and I can totally do them.

Since I have this entry started, I might as well mention what my Halloween costume is going to be.  I know, I don’t usually dress up, but THIS year.  So I made that green cloak for wearing to the ren fest earlier this year, right?  I wanted to think of some way to dress that up a little so it seemed more like a costume and less like an outdated piece of clothing.  So I decided to make something of a woodland crown with matching cuffs for my wrists, and I am going to be a dryad (a wood nymph!).  (I trust no one will notice that my crown doesn’t have any oak leaves or acorns on it….)  I also made a little crown that I’m hoping Stephen will wear at least long enough for me to take a picture.

crown and cuffs crown wig

Note: I am not wearing the wig for Halloween.  I ended up liking the way it all looks with my natural hair better than the blonde stuff.  So….

“Numinous,” Ursula said, breaking the silence eventually.  “There’s a spark of the divine in the world — not God, we’re done with God, but something.  Is it love?  Not silly romantic love, but something more profound…?”

“I think it’s perhaps something we don’t have a name for,” Teddy said.  “We want to name everything.  Perhaps that’s where we’ve gone wrong.”

“‘And whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.’  Having dominion over everything has been a terrible curse.”

Afterwards — because it turned out that there was to be an afterwards for Teddy — he resolved that he would try always to be kind.  It was the best he could do.  It was all that he could do.  And it might be love, after all.

(From A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson)