Progress be bein’ slow but sure.

We FINALLY have both of our old houses clean and empty, and the utilities turned off, and everything wrapped up.  Yesterday I went by my old Henry Ford house one last time, and… I could write a whole post about it, but I’m at work and will need to focus on working here shortly, so won’t do that.  But I really loved that house.  I’m glad to be moving on – literally and figuratively.  I mostly enjoyed my life in that house; some years were better than others, but I grew a lot and learned more about life and about myself while living there.

But!  I’m very excited about getting settled in our new house.  We keep making more progress every day, even though sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back.  But now we can focus 100% on unpacking and organizing and decorating, so I expect things to start coming together quickly.  We’re both starting to feel anxious about the boxes still hanging around the place —- this is what the living room looked like last night when Stephen started unpacking his bookshelf.

living room

So there’s plenty of potential……buried underneath boxes.  But!  Progress!

Anyway, I’ll post more pictures as soon as there’s more to look at.