Getting there!


We are 98% moved in.  Stephen is turning in his house keys today, and I have to turn mine in on next Tuesday.  I still need to schedule for my water/electricity to be cancelled that day, too.

I took the last two days off to focus on unpacking and cleaning up Stephen’s house (which we knocked out yesterday).  In the new house, the bedroom and kitchen are mostly unpacked, the bathroom is totally unpacked, Stephen’s office is getting there, and the living room is half-way live-in-able.  The library hasn’t been touched yet, unfortunately….

Tonight we’re going to see a play, which is cool, but I would really like to be able to just focus on unpacking more!!  And this weekend, Stephen’s sister is coming to visit, so I’m sure she’ll be ok with helping clean up my old house, but I don’t want to spend all weekend unpacking if she’s here.  Sooooooooooo.  It’ll come together, next week.


List of things I still need to do

  • Take down the canopy in my bedroom
  • Take down the curtains around the house
  • Take down the shelving unit in the dining room closet
  • Throw all the other miscellaneous items into boxes
  • Pack jewelry
  • Take down all wall art…
  • Take apart bed frame
  • Pack medicine cabinet and stuff in shower
  • And shower curtain
  • Pack up stereo/CDs/xBox/etc


I seriously cannot wait to be settled in.  I do not like living with a bunch of boxes.

OK!  So we’re going to sign the lease on the aforementioned house next weekend, looks like.  I haven’t moved in such a long time that I’m not sure if I remember how to.

  • Transfer electricity (or cancel my account if Stephen wants to use his)
  • Same with water
  • Contact Piedmont Gas to put the gas in my name
  • Cancel my AT&T wireless since Stephen has a better monthly rate
  • Tell post office to forward my mail
  • Change mailing address on periodicals, bills, etc etc etc

What else?  I’m not sure.  But I’m looking forward to moving and having everything nicely wrapped up.  If anyone thinks of something I’m missing, I’m all ears!

So we are now 89.6% sure that we’ve found a place.  We filled out applications and gave them a security deposit on Saturday, so now are just waiting to hear back from them about when to finalize and sign the lease.  It’s in East Nashville, it’s a little more expensive than we were hoping (but so was everything else, so…), and it’s a little bigger than either of the houses we’re currently in.  Has a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms, a huge back yard, a garage, two wine coolers, a non-functioning fireplace, hardwood floors, etc etc…..

They’ve already taken down the ad or I would link it….but I was able to screen cap these pictures from Google street view.  Not the best pictures, but, well, gives you an idea….

Exciting!!!  I’m really hoping that everything works out and we’re able to move in a couple of weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed for us…..


Moving, eventually, somewhere.

OK so, like I mentioned, we’re moving.  We both live in normal-sized houses that are full of stuff, so we’re going to try to find a new place that’s possibly a little bit larger…but at any rate, we’ll be downsizing.  I started packing up my dining room last night and omg, so much stuff.  And I don’t even HAVE that much stuff in the dining room.  Also I didn’t pack any of the stemware.  Actually, the several boxes that are now on the floor mainly just contain games and DVDs, come to think of it.

We don’t have a place we’re moving to yet – but are going to get on that immediately.  I have spent a little time looking around at homes for rent in Nashville, and seriously everything is so much less affordable than it was the last time I moved.  I’m hoping we don’t end up in an apartment or in Murfreesboro.

Also, I’m being reminded of how much I do actually hate moving.  There’s the stress of finding a place that’s a) affordable, b) close enough to work etc, c) allows cats, and d) that you actually LIKE….plus on top of that, there’s the stress of packing up all your shit and borrowing someone’s truck so you can make several hauls to the dump to throw out all the stuff you realize you don’t need (and in my case, the stuff you haven’t thrown away yet because you don’t have a truck)……and it’s just not super fun.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely excited about living with Stephen and moving to a new place.  I’m just looking forward to all of this being completed, and being able to unpack and settle in come March.

So anyway, tonight I’m thinking that I might start tackling the library.  I’m going to get rid of at least some of the National Geographics (they make great scratching posts, apparently), and clean out the closet in that room.  Maybe go ahead and put the instruments into their cases.  Oh yeah, and I need to sell that speaker.  Could make a decent hunk of cash off of that which would for sure help with stuff like security deposits…..


If anyone wants to help me pack, or help move later in the month, I will buy you beer and pizza.  Just throwing that out there.