So here’s the final product. It’s red velvet cake with a peppermint glaze. I wondered about that combination, since cream cheese frosting is practically essential to a red velvet cake. But…I didn’t have cream cheese and wasn’t sure how that would do in a glaze anyway, so since red velvet is basically just chocolate cake, I figured peppermint ought to go. And it does!


brainstorming skull cakes

Making a dessert to take to a friend’s house tomorrow, and am debating which skull cake pan I want to use.  Here’s what I have.

Nordic Ware Halloween Mini Skull Cakelet Pan #williamssonoma

Am thinking of making the little ones.  In red velvet.  Though, it actually might be fun to do both, especially since I only have one of the mini skull pans, and they only make 6 at a time.  Hmmmm.

Preliminarily, (why is that not a word?) am thinking of doing some kind of glaze on the outside.  Last time I tried to make a skull cake (using the big pan), I made some fondant which did NOT turn out very well.  I actually still have a picture, because I thought it looked fairly creepy despite not being anything close to what I was aiming for.  (Also the cake was super dry because I filled the pans too full – so if I make it again it’ll be smaller than this.)


(I know, it’s extremely ugly.)

So… velvet cake, maybe a lavender glaze (because I love lavender), and some sprinkles or some such.  Need to go to Publix for some of this.  Will post picture if they turn out.  Might bake the cakes tonight and then decorate tomorrow?  Hm.  Well, anyway.  Was just getting some ideas out.


These pans are amazing.  Turns out that glaze is waaaay easier than fondant.