brainstorming: what to make for dinner?

I can’t decide what to make for dinner.

I’d like to go to Subway, but we DO have food here too….

I have potatoes, sweet potatoes, canned beans (of different varieties), canned corn, frozen veggies (also different varieties), coconut milk, refried beans, frozen veggie burgers, milk, cheese, pancake mix, fresh veggies, rice, oatmeal, spaghetti noodles. I have some spaghetti sauce too. And flour, sugar, butter, etc.

There are several options there, of course. The question is… what do I FEEL like making? Not really any of it. I’d rather go to Subway, like I said. But… I could do potatoes and chili, maybe with eggs and biscuits. Or with green beans, but that’s awfully close to what we had last night. I have a few Indian recipes that I want to try, but I’m feeling a little lazy for that. I don’t have any mozzarella or I might consider making pizza.

I guess I could do burritos, but they’re not as warm as I want dinner to be. Quesadillas are good and would be warm… but I don’t know. I’m not feeling Mexican so much. I could do a stir-fry. I could make a coconut curry with rice. I could make pancakes. And oatmeal. I could make spaghetti. I could do veggie burgers. I could probably even make a veggie pot pie or a veggie shepherd’s pie…both of which sound delicious but also time-consuming.

A soup would be nice. Maybe I’ll look up some recipes for soup. And get Matt to agree to Subway too. Soup and sandwich, right? Hmmmmm.

why do I always fall down this hole?

If I would blog more, I wouldn’t always feel daunted because I have so much catching up to do!

I’ll just start in the middle today. Not too much has happened anyway.

We’re going to be moving at the end of the month, and are currently on the hunt for a new place. I found an ad on two sites today for a 4 bedroom log cabin style house in Ashland City, which is about 20-30 minutes northwest of Nashville. It’s kind of a red-neck part of Middle Tennessee, but hey, I’d rather live with rednecks than live in Belle Meade. Which we don’t, but I’m just saying that it could be worse.

However, as sweet as that house looks, I’ve emailed three times and haven’t heard back. Emailed twice after seeing the first ad, and a third time after seeing the second. I mean, they wouldn’t have rented the house today if they posted an ad on Craig’s List today, right? I really hope someone emails or calls me back. For real.

Other than that house, there are a couple of possibilities in the west/north Nashville range. My biggest priorities are price, and windows. It has to have big windows.

I wish I could blog about Christmas presents. Hmph.

All is on track for me to graduate on the 18th!!! I don’t have any holds, or anything! It seems so strange to me that after all this time of paying back loans but not having a degree or being in school, I’m finally graduating without having actually done anything this semester. Granted, I went to class a couple of times and walked around campus a lot more than I had in the last few years, but otherwise I really haven’t done a thing. Oh yeah, I also paid the graduation fee. But yeah. Graduation, finally.

We’ll probably throw a graduation/house warming party once we’re settled in. What with Christmas and making presents and moving and work, December won’t be a good time. It’ll be a good party.

I’ve been trying to get back on the Cooking Dinner Track. I’ve been super lazy about making food for the last month or two. It’s somewhat shocking to add up all the money spent on eating out though, especially compared to how much it costs to buy groceries for a week. Especially at Aldi. I’ve also been trying to branch out and make new dishes; I made some vegetarian chili the other day (not really sure how well it turned out because my nose was stopped up all day and I couldn’t really taste it very well). I’ve made a couple of Indian dishes, too, and plan to make lots more (not tonight). I don’t remember what they were called, but there were a couple of stews (imagine) and I fried some vegetables (in the spiced breading thing). Turned out pretty well.

Tonight I think I’ll make mac and cheese and green beans and chili, or something. It’s too cold in the house to cook. Plus my hair is wet from taking a shower, and I don’t really feel like drying it at the moment….