I am still sick.

This sucks. I’m pretty sure it’s bronchitis. I’ve been taking the generic Mucinex but with mixed results; I didn’t take any today and my coughs seem to have been just as productive, until after I decided I hate coughing and was going to eat a whole bag of cough drops instead. After work I picked up some Nyquil at Target (I think I spelled both drug names right? Maybe?), and after dinner which will be right after Matt gets home, I’m taking one and going to sleep.

I haven’t slept well in the last … well, 5 days I guess (ever since my lungs decided they hate me); I’ll wake up every 2 or 3 hours because I have to cough and/or take a puff so that I can breathe again. It’s no fun. I’ve almost had it for a week, and unfortunately, all the stuff I’ve found on the internet about it say that the prognosis is usually a week. And that all you can really do is rest, drink a lot of fluids, and try to relieve the symptoms.  Bronchitis is usually viral, so taking antibiotics only makes the bacteria which are not making me sick more resistant to the medicine. Ugh.

This isn’t the typical sick, though; I’m not congested in my head, my throat isn’t sore, I don’t have a fever (that I can tell). My chest is just congested, and my bronchial tubes swollen. Like I said, it sucks and I’d better get over it really soon.

I think I have been feeling less congested, actually. But it’s pretty minor. Maybe the Nyquil will make it so I can actually sleep tonight and I’ll feel better tomorrow. We’ll see.

And, that’s all.

Sorry, but it IS my blog.

I’m glad I have health insurance through my job. Because if I didn’t, I’d be screwed. Why don’t the republicans want people to have health insurance???! I don’t get it!! They haven’t come up with a better plan; no, they’re just trying to kill this one even after they’ve forced so many changes into it knowing full well that they’re still not going to vote for it. It’s so frustrating for me to watch, even though, like I said, I have health insurance for the time. I just know that so many people don’t and that this country needs a decent way to insure it’s people. Why, why don’t the republicans in the house and senate want people to have insurance?

Okay, no response is requested for this blog. I’m just venting.

Thursday morning

Well, I think I’m sick again. I don’t know what it is about this year, but it seems like I’ve gotten sick more than ever. At least it’s not too bad this time; seems to be only respiratory, which sucks since I have asthma but could be worse. I’m wondering if it’s a bout of bronchitis, since I have a cough and am having to use my inhaler more than usual. I felt really bad yesterday morning because, I theorize, I had used the Primatine Mist OTC inhaler too much the day before … in addition to cleaning the house and stirring up all sorts of dust and cat hair. Not to mention breathing in all the chemicals I used for cleaning. So I went later that day and got a refill on my Albuterol inhaler and have been feeling much better after just taking it easy. I did have to work yesterday, but ate a bunch of cough drops and didn’t feel too bad. My lungs and throat still kind of hurt, but not as much. Having asthma is no fun.

So at least if I’m feeling under the weather, this is perfect weather for it. It’s so rainy and green and lovely outside! I wish my bedroom window opened so that I could hear it better. Maybe I’ll go open the front door. And light some candles. And play some classical music or something. Ahhh, how lovely. I love rainy spring days when I can spend them at home, drinking tea and reading a book.

I DO have to go to a blasted work-related meeting in Brentwood this afternoon. We’re changing payroll companies AGAIN. 2011 will be the third year I’ve had two W-2s, and that’s not because I’ve had more than one job.

(on a lighter note)

I’m doing house cleaning and laundry today, which I’m feeling more excited about now that I’m showered and clean. As much as I dislike showering, there’s nothing like feeling clean and fresh. Now to go dry my hair… and maybe put in contacts. I think I must have a tiny tear in the left one because it makes my eye itch, but the right is just fine and the left was fine right after I got it. I’m hoping the doctor will call back soon to tell me they got my order in….

Speaking of orders, I’m also expecting new Shoes for Crews shoes to show up any day now. They’re work shoes, but I’ll also be able to wear them other places since they’re black leather Chucks basically. Also, I ordered Settlers of Catan!!! From Amazon.com, which wasn’t the cheapest I could find, but for a brand new game and qualifying for free shipping, it was a pretty decent deal. Since the shipping was free, I don’t expect that one for another week….

Does nobody ready this?

Somebody surely thought something about my last blog. I know the use of the word “socialism” is an EXTREME oversimplification and not even accurate, but it’s just using the rhetoric that I hear on the news. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a valid point! Why are Christians so up in arms over the health reform when they should be giving their money to help needy people anyway? And don’t tell me the people who go on government health plans aren’t needy or could be doing more to help themselves. Most of the people I work with don’t have health insurance. Hell, I don’t think most of my family has health insurance. And we’re all hard workers. It makes me mad to read the inflammatory statements made on Facebook about this without having any idea WHY the person believes it’s such a bad move. It seems so inconsistent with what their worldview should be. Which, though it’s a completely different topic, is usually a little more Americanized than Jesus would approve of I’m pretty sure….


So, it seems pretty clear that Paul instructed the members of the early church to share their belongings with each other, right? I’m pretty sure Jesus preached the same thing. Isn’t this pretty much “socialism”?  (I know it’s not actual socialism, but this is just going with the assumption that Obama’s administration is trying to turn America into a socialist country, which is of course completely false.)  And why make such a stink about the separation of church and state if both organizations (church and government) want the same thing? I don’t understand what the big deal is. Jesus told us to share our belongings with those less fortunate, and the early church seems to have been something of a commune (where they pooled their resources and helped each other out), but the “Christians” I’m hearing about in the news and whatnot are so dead-set against the government making them do this. Why, if Jesus told them to be doing it in the first place? It seems to me like they ought to be rejoicing that the government is finally in agreement with them! Please, if anyone has an explanation other than what I suspect (i.e. they’re all selfish and want to keep every cent), I’d really like to hear a legitimate, thought-out response. I’m not posting on Facebook because I don’t want to offend. I’d really like to understand.

first granny motif wrap! completed!

I just put the finishing touches on the first “real” thing I’ve crocheted. The actual first thing I made was a scarf which doesn’t really count since a) I own a million scarves, and b) I did it mainly for practice. As soon as I figured out how to read the crochet lingo (chain 3, 15 dc in ring; join with slip st to top of beginning ch-3; etc), the actual work was pretty easy and I enjoyed it immensely! Mom tried to teach me how to crochet way back when I was 10 or so, but of course I didn’t want to learn. Matt’s Mom insisted on teaching me a month or two ago, and now I’m hooked! Sorry, the pun was partially intentional. Here’s a picture.

just sayin’

So, I’m just gonna say, if I have a little to drink then I enjoy myself SO much more at social gatherings. It’s unfortunate, but works every time. I dread going to the social event, but if I get there and have a shot of something, I have a blast! It’s a little messed up. I wish I wasn’t so antisocial that I need a drug to make me open up and enjoy myself. But it’s not like alcohol is illegal or anything. So I guess I don’t feel that bad.

I need to not go to bed so early when I have the next day off…

It’s 6:50am. I’ve been awake since, oh, about 5:00, which is when Matt had to get up for work. I probably wouldn’t still be so wide awake if I hadn’t accidentally thrown away his pay check from last week while cleaning up the house a couple of days ago. Yep, it was still in the envelope and sitting on the dresser. For some reason, I assumed that he’d already taken the check out, so I tossed the envelope. I had to brave the cold air this morning (not to mention all the coffee grounds and cat litter) so that I could dig through the trash to find it. But it wasn’t that hard to find, for which I was very thankful. That definitely woke me up. After he left, I checked Hulu and found a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy (heh), which I then watched in its entirety. And now I’m still in bed, enjoying the sunshine and blue sky from the comfort of my bathroom, two blankets, and a heater. Ahhh. Should I go back to sleep? Or should I get up and start doing things?

Today, I’m going to dye my hair and take a shower for sure. Also need to wash the dishes and do some tidying up. Other than that, I don’t know what else I’m going to do. Matt’s going to be leaving work early so that he can go by the office and put in his notice (!!!), and deposit his paychecks. I think he’ll be coming home after all that! That means the possibility of doing some laundry, and/or maybe going to see a movie. We both wanted to see Shutter Island….

YESTERDAY was productive. I dropped off my rent check (which I had forgotten to mail somehow), cashed a check from Kelli’s aunt/uncle, bought flea medicine and cat treats and a laser (which seems to just confound Calliope and Varmy, though Bitey is more intrigued by it), and bought some necessities at Target. Oh, and they had the 20th season of the Simpsons on sale for $19.99 (it’s normally $39.99), so of course I had to buy that as well. (Incidentally, this means that I now own seasons 2 through 12 and season 20; they haven’t released any of the others yet, except for season 1 which I’m not that interested in owning). Definitely an addict.

Anyway, what was I saying? Yesterday. After stopping at Pet Smart, I went to my new optometrist where I had an eye exam and got a new pair of contacts. My prescription hasn’t changed since my last exam, which was in 2007. This is awesome, since it had changed a lot between the 2007 exam and the one before that one. I sure do like not having my vision framed by glasses! I have okay vision insurance from B&C, which is the only reason I decided to go, since my glasses are holding up fine. Good thing I bought a good brand, I guess.

After that, I had lunch with Anna Laura at Jackson’s. She was in town to sing in an Early Music Consort Concert. That’s not what it’s called anymore, but I like saying “consort” and “concert” back-to-back. So we ate and had a good time. The weather was lovely and I didn’t have an accident trying to park my (well, Matt’s) car behind Fido. After lunch, I came home and took a lovely nap, as I already told you in my previous blog. All things considered, it was a good day.

So. Now I think I might go back to sleep, since it’s only after 7 now anyway. Most people don’t wake up at 5am on their days off. I wish I had some patio furniture so that I could make myself some coffee and go sit outside…. Meant to buy some all last year, but we didn’t have any money last summer, as I recall. For some reason, we have plenty right now. I think it’s all the staying in that we do. Plus, as I was telling L yesterday, I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in probably two years. Pretty incredible, I know. Damn shoes just won’t fall apart!

BTW, I’m reading Wise Blood. I’m about half-way through and can’t believe I forgot how much I like Southern lit. Just saying.


I’ve had a pretty good day. I’ll probably describe it later, since Matt’s about to get home and will want to check all of his chess games/Paul Krugman blog/etc. I just realized that it’d been a while since I wrote anything, and I’m trying to blog regularly (which is purposefully vague, I have to admit). The day has been so nice and sunny, and I’ve spent the majority of the afternoon in bed napping/listening to last week’s Prairie Home Companion/reading Wise Blood. (Sorry I didn’t answer your phone call, Katie — I was asleep!)