And by the way —

Matt and I are getting joint checking accounts. Probably tomorrow.

Living together is so easy. It’s ridiculously easy. We rarely fight, we agree on most everything, we have almost no problems, ever. It’s almost unnerving sometimes except that occasionally there will be a problem, albeit most of them caused by hormonal imbalance on my part.

Matt just reminded me today though, which is why I didn’t blog about it earlier (probably). It’s just a fairly big step, is all. First the merging of our personal libraries onto mutual shelves, and now bank accounts. For heaven’s sake!


Just got my hair cut today. Matt’s parents gave me a gift card to Super Cuts for my birthday (though I suspect it just happened to be a good reason for them to give it to me, since they offered it to Matt first but he was not interested). (I could be wrong though.) Anyway, I like it. I have bangs now, again. And slightly shorter hair. Not the drastic haircut that I’m used to getting, but the bangs to help.

Making the bed… or not.

I did the dishes this morning. After I dropped Bitey off at the vet to have him neutered, which has needed to happen for a while now. Also after I ate breakfast, by myself with a book about the Gospel of Judas, at Waffle House. I have now completed all the laundry as well and need only to put it away. Do I really want to change the sheets and make the bed? Or do I want to do some yoga and maybe take a shower? Another option would be to make the bed and then go outside to read some more of this book, which is pretty interesting. Sorry, it’s not right in front of me and I’m too lazy to go get it, but it’s by Bart Ehrman who seems to be a pretty prominent early church scholar/historian.

(Oh, here’s the book.)

Anyway. Yet another option would be to stay sprawled out on this unkempt bed, blogging and doing other sundry things on the internet. So many options! I know what I SHOULD do — make the bed and then do yoga. But I’ve already been productive today! On the other hand, I did spend most of the time at Matt’s parents’ house (where we do our laundry) crocheting or reading. Both of which are enjoyable. So.

Blogging about it is not helping me decide what to do. So, let me tell you about the bag that I bought the other day. It all started at work. My left contact was giving me some trouble, so I managed to find a bottle of super-old saline solution in the office and went to the bathroom to try to clean the contact off and put it back in. Well, I did manage to get it done, but I think the solution was so old that it might have put something on the contact that made my vision out of that eye fuzzy for maybe half an hour afterwards. It went away and I threw the contact away this morning anyway… but all that to say that I decided I should start carrying around some contact solution with me. Which immediately made me want to buy a big purse. The kind that will hold everything.

So, I went to Target after work (and after debating with myself all day about whether I should give in to the whim or not) and ended up buying the last Liberty or whatever bag that they had there. It’s really cute. And it holds everything. I feel slightly trendier carrying it around, and a LOT trendier if I’m wearing those 3″ wedges that I bought about a month ago. Yep. Me, trendy? I fight it, I do. But sometimes I just like the stuff that’s in style! Oh well. Whatever.

I don’t think it’s in style to read about the Gnostic gospels, though. So there. Nor is it in style to read Italo Calvino, which I am not at the moment because the book I want to read by him I can only find NEW at Borders and such, and I refuse to pay $14 for such a cheaply made paperback edition. Seriously.

I bet I could get a good price for it on Amazon Marketplace though. Maybe I’ll stop blogging and go look that up. We’ll see if I get the bed made after that. Oh gee, another 30 minutes has passed already!

More food?

The stuffed poblano peppers turned out pretty well, by the way. I forgot to add salt and pepper, so the first few bites were a little bit bland, but not really given all the other flavors. Wasn’t nearly as spicy as I had anticipated, given the fact that my eyes were burning even after we finished eating.

I think I’m going to make creme brulees this afternoon. I’m leaning towards making them orange flavored. Ought to be delicious.

I wish we had a grill and could cook hamburgers for dinner. Alas, no meat. And no charcoal. There is a grill, but it’s at Matt’s parents’ house. His mom said that we could have it because they got a new one, but I keep forgetting whenever we’re over there. Maybe this weekend. We could always grill veggie burgers and vegetables.

I’ll probably do sandwiches and potato salad tonight. Potato salad with bacon and ranch … yum.


I’m making an effort to post blogs even if they’re short and silly. Such as this one.

I need to clean the house. The kitchen is a mess, as is the bedroom. It never takes long to clean up and it’s always very gratifying, but I never want to get started. Ugh. I’d much rather take a nap until Matt gets home and make him cook dinner. Or buy dinner. But I’m going to make stuffed poblano (right?) chiles tonight, because I bought the black beans for it and brought home a baguette. See? I planned. Now to actually do it.

Stupid comfortable bed.

I have a love/hate relationship with spring

Spring is beautiful. I love the green, the flowers blooming, the rainy days and the sunny days, the fresh breezes, etc. I hate the fact that it lasts for a few weeks and turns into summer. I hate summer.

But yesterday was a LOVELY spring day. I love the grey skies and the green of everything else. They grey makes the greens look greener, I think. Today is looking gorgeous as well, and since it was cool yesterday I’m hopeful that — even though it’s sunny today — it won’t be too warm.

Still in bed, but working on getting up. Katie came over yesterday (after we spent the afternoon at the Frist) and bought a bottle of vodka. I didn’t get too sloshed and feel fine this morning, but I did sleep until 9:30….

Tonight we’re supposed to go to Matt’s friend’s house for dinner. They were going to come here, but can’t leave their dog alone because he, somehow, lost a couple of inches off of his tail. The silly dog. So I’m supposed to come up with an entree to take over there … and we’re going to teach them how to play Settlers of Catan. Matt wants to stay for Scattergories as well but I plan on reminding him that I have to work tomorrow morning. I don’t know why he always plans stuff on nights that I can’t stay up late. It’s annoying.

But I’m going to try not to be stressed by the looming social interaction. Instead, I’m going to go do some laundry and enjoy the lovely day. So.

what a pretty afternoon….

I hate it when we have to fire people at work. This is one reason I’m never going to be interested in the GM position. I had to witness the termination of a girl who’s pretty obviously a pill-popper and had been working there for only a couple of weeks. She has two kids, no car, and just broke up with her boyfriend. And now she has no job. Drugs, man. They’ll bring you down.

But it’s made me realize what a lovely life I have, compared with lots of people. I can pay all my bills, I have a loving boyfriend, a nice little house that makes me happy (especially when it’s clean…), and we have enough money saved to buy another car. This is after the fairly recent MacBook investment, too. Fiscal responsibility is very gratifying.

So … I’m about to put on some music and start cleaning the house. When Matt gets home, we’ll probably do some yoga and then go grocery shopping. I’ve recently purchased a couple of vegetarian cookbooks and want to start making new recipes. Too bad Aldi only carries certain veggies, but it’s not as if Kroger is more than a couple of miles away anyway.

Pretty afternoon, good mood, house-cleaning, yoga, food … plus I’m feeling 100% better than last week. Ahhh.


I am eating a twice-baked potato (from work, of course) with leftover bbq’d pulled pork from, uh, that bbq place on Charlotte. Dipped in honey mustard. It’s absolutely amazing.

I think I might suggest going to the bar today. The one I pass coming home from work is open, anyway. I wish I was in Oak Ridge eating easter dinner with family, but I’m not. 😦 Matt’s family doesn’t do much for holidays, so we’re not having dinner with them. Plus it’s a beautiful day….

so, I’m lying in bed….

Matt’s asleep next to me. I went to the doctor yesterday and was prescribed antibiotics, something for my cough, and steroids for the inflammation in my lungs. I’ve taken so many pills today, it’s outrageous. I still have two steroid pills left to take before I go to sleep, and I’m not exactly sure when that will be since (oddly) I’m not terribly tired and the pharmacist warned me yesterday that they might make it hard to sleep. Curses. I’m off tomorrow and Saturday, though, and plan to stay in bed watching chick flicks all day unless I start feeling better. At least I can breathe now, though I think all the meds might be weakening my acid reflux pills because it doesn’t really feel like I took them today. But I did. Ugh, I don’t like taking all this medicine. I guess it’s better than staying sick though.

We went to McKay’s before dinner tonight so that I could buy the BBC Jane Eyre (with Timothy Dalton… the only version to watch, really). Also found a box set of Poirot movies to add to my collection. I’m so glad Matt likes Poirot, because he’s really the shit. Next to Holmes, of course. I also ended up getting an Italo Calvino book… my friend Billy (who, I think, goes by Bill now) recommended Invisible Cities but they only had one of his books. It looked interesting and was only $4 so I went ahead and got it.

I’m so glad I have the next two days off. Work has been such a chore since I can’t breathe. I have to walk around at a snail’s pace just so that I don’t get too winded and have to pause for a couple of minutes just to cough and get my breath back. No fun. Everyone’s been understanding and okay with me spending as much time as possible in the office. I’ve done a lot of laminating over the last couple of days….

I tried watching a movie on Hulu, but it wasn’t streaming fast enough. I’m guessing everyone else is on Hulu. Then I tried watching some stuff on, but even that was moving too slowly. Whoever isn’t on hulu is on adultswim. I guess. So I might put on the Simpsons when I’m done with this, since season 20 is conveniently located next to the bed (albeit on Matt’s side, so I might have to do some climbing). Oh, to be healthy again….