Just so you know

I really love my family a lot. I had a dream last night that we moved far away and it was really sad. I woke up in the middle of the night (probably because I had to pee, but still) and felt so sad! So, I love my family. So much. I wish I lived closer, though Matt’s probably getting a new job in McEwan which is an hour west of Nashville. Still, that’s an awful lot closer to Knoxville than Alaska is….

in which I describe my Saturday morning off

So Matt’s been having to work on Saturdays lately, which means that I’ve been by myself all morning. I’ve been doing such a good job of keeping the house clean lately that there wasn’t much cleaning that needed to be done today. After convincing myself to get out of bed, I showered and made some coffee, then walked up to the mailbox to get the paper. Didn’t spend too much time reading it, but did see an article about a pastor who’s using MMA to evangelize, which totally gives me the creeps. Ever since Matt made the comparison to ancient Rome and all their blood sports, the “sport” by itself gives me the creeps… not to mention using it for evangelism. That doesn’t even make sense to me.

But anyway. I cleaned the litter boxes, food and water dishes, and the bathroom. Well, I cleaned 50% of the bathroom. Also made the bed, swept the floors, and washed the dishes. None of this took too long since, like I said, I’m much better at cleaning up after myself. It’s a paradox that I don’t even understand; I’m so much happier when everything around me is clean and I hate clutter, but most people think of me as being very messy. I feel more comfortable living with Matt than living with other girls, maybe. He doesn’t care how I decorate the house or where I put the dirty towels, or that I prefer to use dish clothes over sponges. He’s almost messier than I am now. I’ve changed a lot.

So yeah, after cleaning all that, I wrote some checks and paid a bunch of bills. It’s always so satisfying to pay bills and not feel stressed out afterwards because I don’t have any money left. I mean, there’s not a ton left, but it’s sufficient. I might even go to World Market after Matt gets home to look at the sale they’re having on wall hangings. I could use something to go above the bed.

Sorry for the rambling post. But not that sorry!

Did I tell everyone that we’re hooked on Lost now? Yeah, we’ve made it through season 1 and are on episode 4 or 5 of the next season. Hulu has ALL the episodes, and will until 12/31 I believe. On a related note, we went to pick up the laptop yesterday (ethernet port had stopped working; it was still in warranty; we dropped it off several days ago to get it fixed), and ended up buying some laptop speakers to go with it. They’re actually pretty decent speakers and help a lot with watching Hulu (specifically, Lost). I know you were dying to know, so now you do.

So you can see how clean it is….

just fyi,

I’ve met/seen the following people at B&C.
Martina McBride, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Eddie George, George Lindsay, Jeff Fisher, Nick Lachey, Demetria Kalidemos, Gillian Welch…and the guy who wrote ‘867-5309 Jenny’ comes in every day for lunch. I just thought it was kinda weird.

actually going out tonight….

I’m drinking a White Russian to gear up for RJD2 at Exit/In tonight. Who is RJD2? I’m not 100% sure…but Matt and his friend Dawn like him, and apparently I might too. Doesn’t really seem like my thing, which should partially explain the White Russian. We’ll see how it goes…. I’ve never been to Exit/In at all, though I can say that I know exactly where it is.

funny story about clothes

at least, I thought it was funny. I bought some pajama pants at Target a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed the XL hanger because, well, pajama pants are for being comfortable, right? when I tried them on (immediately after getting home), they were very very snug. I didn’t pop any seams or anything, but I did pop the top button off eventually … eh heh. two days ago we were at Target again, and I found another pair of pajama pants on sale for $5 (more like $4.98) and looked for the biggest size they had, since XL is too small for me. this is irrelevant to the story, but the XXL was $9.98 which I can only conclude was an error since the rest of them were $4.98. not one to ask unnecessary questions, I pulled out the XL and, surprised to see that it looked much larger than my other pair, ended up buying it. sorry about all the commas in that sentence. anyway, as I was checking my first pair of pants to see if they were the same brand as the pair I had just purchased, I see for the first time that they’re a S.

this is not the first time I’ve burned myself by not checking the size inside the object of clothing before I buy it. you would think I’d have learned the lesson by now. at least I don’t feel as fat as I did before!