UGH I want to go home and craft.

I ordered this spacer set ——–

———– and man I just would like so much to be using it right now.  Also I had a fabulous idea for a Christmas present for Dad, and would like to be working on that right now, too.  My Christmas gift ideas are slowly morphing into leather craft ideas, so don’t be surprised if you get something leather-y (but, uh, don’t be disappointed if you don’t).

Someone asked for a tutorial/pattern for the thing that I posted on Imgur/reddit, and I’m thinking about making another one out of a softer, lighter leather (and using the stitching tool to make my stitches look more professional, too).  I also ordered a spacing tool – it basically creates a groove that runs perpendicular to the edge of the leather – but have not gotten that one yet.  I should probably wait to start the new [thing] until it comes.  Might as well.

I know this entry really is not very interesting and it’s definitely not informative, but it’s helping me distract myself anyway.  Only about an hour and a half until lunch anyway.

I would write about my weekend, and the last couple of days, but I haven’t really gotten much sleep lately and don’t feel terribly wordy.  In brief: I went to Knoxville on Saturday, got to see a bunch of family and some exciting children’s books, then came back home on Sunday and ended up going to Hidden Lakes with Stephen.  It was a gorgeous day for a little hike.  Mm.  Yesterday, went with Katie to see Ben Folds perform a few pieces with the Nashville Ballet, which was enjoyable.  Then went to Stephen’s for a movie, and did not catch up on sleep at all last night.  I’m very much looking forward to my lunch break because I’m going home for a nap.

Tonight, I want to fit in more than I’ll be able to.  I’d like to take a bath, and work on leather stuff, and hang out with Stephen (I kinda like him, if I hadn’t mentioned).  I’m thinking that I’ll probably have to cut one of those things.  But maybe not!  But cutting the bath will allow for more crafting time, so we’ll see.  Hm.