So I’m doing this custom camera bag for someone, and I ordered a tool to use for burnishing leather edges last week which STILL hasn’t gotten here.  I’m kind of wishing I’d just gone to Tandy Leather even though it’s not super convenient.  Eh, oh well.

Am getting excited about the camera bag nevertheless, and already want to make more.  I think I undercharged for this one and if I make additional bags for Etsy or something, will charge more.  Still getting the feel for how much to charge on things!

Last night, instead of doing anything productive, I played Skyrim and then sort of worked on some oak leaves while watching Seinfeld.  Mostly I watched Seinfeld though.  It was a relaxing evening.  Tonight I’ll actually be piecing stuff together though, which does count as being productive.  I thought about taking pictures of the process of making this camera bag and posting a bit of a tutorial, but that seems like a whole lot of work and I’m liable to forget to stop for pictures which would result in incomplete instructions.  Hm, that might actually not be bad.

Stupid Skyrim.  I wasn’t even thinking about it, until I mentioned it above and remembered where I stopped last night.  I’m doing the Dragonborn quest in Solstheim with ol’ Herma Mora.  This character (Bjean) is at level 40 or 41 or something, and I’ve been in Solstheim before (in fact, Talvas Fathryon – Neloth’s student – was my follower for a long time and is now my Steward back in Skyrim) but just hadn’t ever started the Miraak quest.  I like having a decent bow before I go into the Apocrypha…..  Last save was right after entering Apocrypha; I even have a handful of Black Books but haven’t even used them yet.  Blast.

But anyway.  Can totally save that for some other time when I don’t need to be productive.

Things That Happened This Weekend

Went to Jackson’s with two favorite people on Friday night.

On Saturday, had breakfast at Wendell Smith’s with Stephen, then went to Rhino Books where I bought three more than the one book I was “allowed” to buy (per my budget, or lack thereof).  After that we went to Centennial Park and sat at the Parthenon, reading.  It was extraordinarily bright; or anyway, it seemed that way after all the grey, rainy days we’ve been having.

blog - parthenon us

Later, we went to a house show, and when we got home made cocktails with gin, crushed garlic, and pepper.  It was a full and good day.

blog - cocktail

Sunday, we went to Fido and then Village Pub where we mostly read, sometimes talked, and did some writing/watercoloring.

blog - village pubblog - sunday

After Village Pub, we went to the Frist to see their exhibit closing yesterday — the Art of the Dominican and Franciscan Orders.  Then to JJ’s for a caffeine pick-me-up before heading to a birthday party that one of Stephen’s friends throws for Mozart every year.  The concert featured a lot of Nashville Symphony players and was really excellent.  I was fairly exhausted but really enjoyed the music nevertheless.

Whether it was the late afternoon coffee or something else, neither of us slept very well last night, but nevertheless — it was a good weekend.  I’m looking forward to being chill the next few days, though.

good things

It’s Friday!!!

I’m getting ready to mail off my first ever Etsy sale.  May it be the first of many!

I really am liking the new bag I’m making.  Will probably be able to get it listed by this afternoon.

Got a new back door yesterday, complete with a deadbolt so that only someone with superhuman power should be able to kick it in now.  Ha!

My boyfriend loves me, which makes me feel like my soul is being embraced even when I’m here at work.  (I guess that’s true, in a sense.)

Plans for the weekend include a trip to the Frist, sleeping in, a house concert, a birthday party for Mozart, and possibly a movie.  Also I have an AT&T installation scheduled for tomorrow morning which will result in my bill decreasing by about half.

So, regardless of the inclement weather outside, I’m feeling warm and pleasant inside.  It’s nice.

Copyright infringements and oak leaves

First of all — MADE MY FIRST SALE LAST NIGHT!!!!  Wooohooooooooo!!!!  To a complete stranger in Vermont, too!!  So exciting.  They bought the satchel with the shoulder strap, so I need to make another one of those because someone else had expressed interest in it, too.  Currently I’m working on two things though; someone in Knoxville who knows people from Grace asked me to make him a custom camera bag (waiting on a tool to get here before I really tackle that one), and I just started a variation on the satchel last night.

Which leads me to my next topic — two of my listings were taken down yesterday because the copyright holder had contacted Etsy as they were in violation of their intellectual property rights.  Which…I mean, I get it.  I was unsure about listing them with “Skyrim” in the title in the first place, but since so so sooo many other people similarly listed items, I figured it was ok.  Well…no, not so much.  Sooo I relisted them after removing every reference to Skyrim, and my shop views have plummeted.  Like, drastically.  Which is one reason I’m moving on to other designs.  I might go back in a week or so and add Skyrim to the tags, but apparently even that can get you shut down if the copyright holder reports it.  So.  Yeah.

I guess these pictures are kind of redundant, but I just like all of them!

oak finished oak half oak

black ‘un

In lieu of sharing each new item on FB (although maybe it’s getting to be time to start a Facebook page for Leatherings), I’m posting here.  On the suggestion of someone from Reddit, I made a satchel (well, they’re really more like pouches) from black leather and just put it up.  Included a drawstring in this one, which I think looks great!

etsy - satchel black front etsy - satchel black open

New item!

Just finished a large apothecary’s satchel and listed it.  Because I’m supposed to shamelessly self-promote, I’m posting a link here.  Will maybe even open a FB page for myself once I have more inventory.  This last piece took longer to make than the first piece because of all the extra design on the strap.  (Picture links to Etsy listing.)

etsy - satchel large

Also, for good measure, here’s a snapshot of the satchel from the game.


Does anyone know how to get your etsy items to pull up in Google?  When you google “skyrim apothecary satchel,” it pulls up two of my pictures – but neither are the Etsy item.  When you add “etsy” to the search criteria, it pulls up something with the same item description but a completely different (and WAAAAAY uglier) item.  So.  Maybe it just needs to be more popular before Google will recognize it, I don’t know.


SO, I decided to go ahead and open up a shop.  I have one little item listed right now — but there will be more, trust me.  At the moment, I would like nothing more than to be able to spend all my time making leather things, but since that’s not an option I’m instead going to try to figure out how to get my listing to show up in Google.

Here’s the link – if you’re on Etsy, you should totally like my shop.  It would make me happy.  

I’m uploading pictures here because I think it’s just so cute!!

etsy - satchel front etsy - satchel open

Also if you know anything about Etsy, I welcome tips and comments.


I tried to work up a pattern for another Skyrim replica last night, only to become frustrated because the video game design works lousily in real life.  Seriously — who ever heard of attaching backpack straps to the cover flap of the backpack?!  Terrible design.  I may have come up with a way to work around it while still making the bag look like it does in Skyrim, but it’s very hard to know whether it’ll work or not when all I can do right now (at work) is draw blueprints.  Hmph.