Update, continued.

Anyway.  Too many picture in the previous entry — computer was being slow.

Here is what I’ve been up to.  In no particular order.

I’ve been working on the DLC in Fallout New Vegas lately.  Also bought Dishonored on Saturday but after a few hours, swapped it out for FNV.  Because, next to Skyrim, that’s gotta be the best game I’ve played.  I would have been playing Skyrim but I think somehow the DLCs I have saved on my hard drive have been corrupted — because each time I try to start it, the xbox freezes on the “Loading Downloadable Content” screen and won’t do anything without being reset.  Pretty sad, but.

I hadn’t actually been playing that much before this last weekend, though — I’ve been working on Christmas presents which I want to tell you all about but can’t.  So…I’ll just say that I want to keep them all.  They’re turning out so well!

I’ve also been doing some adult literacy tutoring, which is proving to be a very rewarding activity.  Makes me feel like I’m not a total schmuck, and I can do it as often or infrequently as I want.  I’ve just been doing one hour/week so far, but can see myself expanding that potentially.  We’ll see.  I feel like I’m at my capacity for enjoyable busy-ness, though, and that if I add something else I’ll have to maybe get rid of something too.  I was so happy to be able to mainly just hang around the house all weekend — after having people over on Friday.  It was delightful!  The house was fairly clean, so I was able to game mostly guilt-free.  🙂

OK, anyway.  Expect another update in 2-4 months.

Semi-annual update

Just realized that I haven’t blogged since July.  Oops!

We had a Hallowe’en get-together on Friday, and I had a ton of fun decorating and fixing spooky hors d’oeaurves for it.  Made pretzel spider legs and Stephen made marinara sauce to go with them.  Also made stuffed jalapeno mummies, and a cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin.  Oh, and I made jello shots with apple cider, apple schnapps, and fireball.  Was delicious!


So I played Silent Hill 2 for the first time about a month or two ago.  It’s a horror/survival video game from like 1998 or something. – so graphics weren’t great, but it was SO creepy.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought that some elements would work perfectly as Halloween decor.  Unfortunately, no one who came over on Friday had ever played Silent Hill, but!  They are all at least aware of its existence now, anyway.

This is the in-game screen shot of this picture of Pyramid Head —


And here is my rendition.


Also, the infamous “There was a hole here” message —


and here it is outside of the bathroom.


Also made “floating candles” to go outside – which ended up looking cool enough to keep up indefinitely.