good news, I guess

got a packet in the mail from MetLife today. apparently I get Matt’s life insurance money that easily. more than anything, this is making me sad though – it’s just one more thing to finalize Matt’s death, I guess. it drives home the fact that he’s dead and never, ever coming back.

I want Matt so fucking much more than any amount of money.

Just past the 2 month mark now, as I’m sure you probably know.

I actually had a pretty good weekend – I was pleasantly surprised. I had dinner with a friend on Friday evening, which was nice because it’s a friend who I don’t see too often and I was happy that she thought of asking me to have dinner with her. After, I went to Cafe Coco and TRIED to sit outside reading, but it was pretty chilly and I could only handle it for about an hour before I got too cold and had to go home. (I don’t like sitting INSIDE unless I have to – I’d just as soon be home.) After Coco, Cathy came over for a bit and we chatted and watched some Sex and the City (I know…guilty pleasure…).

I had to get up Saturday morning and take Bitey to the vet. He’s had an abscess behind his left ear for a few weeks now, and it keeps acting like it’s healing but then he’ll scratch off the scab and it gets worse. I was afraid that he’d end up getting it infected so I bit the bullet and made him an appointment. The vet said that Bitey looked fine overall – no infection, no fever or anything – but she prescribed him some antibiotics anyway, and some anti-inflaminatory ointment. And a cone. Bitey is so mad at me. It was HILARIOUS watching him try to manouver on Saturday because he kept running into almost everything. He’s getting used to the cone now and isn’t running into quite as much stuff, but he’s also been just sitting on the couch acting depressed all the time, too. It makes me sad, especially since on top of having a cone around his head, he also has to take antibiotics. Poor kitty.

The kittens are being pretty nice to him, though really they’re ignoring him most of the time (which is the norm). Here’s a picture of them cleaning Bitey’s head for him though, since he can’t groom himself at all now.


Anyway. I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out around the house and doing some weaving. Went to the thrift store and then the Brewhouse with Mar yesterday, and that was also nice. I got some small items at Southern Thrift; I thought about buying a turntable/CD player they had for $50 but I didn’t. Not sure why. Maybe I’ll go back and get it; I’ve wanted a turntable for a long time – ever since Hope moved out and took her record player. I have lots of records but nothing to play them on. Hm. Maybe I will go back and see if it’s still there today.

Anyway. The weaving is coming along. Warping the loom was MUCH easier this time than it was the last time. Here are a couple of pictures just for the hell of it.


loom 2

Today I plan to get some cat food and more cat treats, refill my inhaler prescriptions, and clean up my house. If I have time leftover and no one around to keep me company, I might do some reading at Cafe Coco. When I was there the other night, I remembered why I always get so much more reading done while I’m there than while I’m at home (fewer distractions).

Anyway. Enough rambling.