And the seventh week is here…

I’m feeling much better this morning than I was yesterday. I don’t know what happened, but I’m not complaining. 🙂 After work yesterday, I grabbed a couple of drinks on the patio at the Brewhouse; it was so beautiful outside and it felt good just to sit in the sun reading the latest New Yorker. After, I went to hang out some with M & M, and got home around 9:45ish. It was a very pleasant evening, all things considered.

M & M were our gaming buddies, and Mar made me some earrings using two blue Carcassonne meeples (Matt’s color was invariably blue when we gamed) and two brown Puerto Rico settlers. I wish that Power Grid had more interesting pieces, since it was his most recent favorite game. I have a million memories of playing Carcassonne and Puerto Rico with Matt though, and I really like the earrings. These pieces have been touched by Matt so many times; somehow that’s significant, even though he’s touched a lot of my things (and me).


I need to be crafting more, I’ve decided. It would be good for me to start and maintain an Etsy shop, I think. It would probably be gratifying, anyway, and it’s not like I enjoy making stuff or anything…. I’ve also been brainstorming some quilt ideas – I’m planning on using Matt’s clothes to make a quilt, and I think I might make it chess themed. I still need to finish the feather quilt that I started last summer though, so I have plenty of time to brainstorm (and to prepare myself mentally for cutting up all his clothes). Making things can be so therapeutic, and I know that I’ll eventually be glad to be able to snuggle up with his clothes, even though he won’t be inside them. I guess I’ll take what I can get. And I don’t think this is me holding onto the past; it feels more like me letting go of the past while acknowledging that it will always be inside me.

Anyway, this post feels rambly so I’ll stop.