In no particular order, a list

1. If you do not use your turn signals when driving, it means a) that you are self-centered and not thinking about any of the other drivers out there at all, and b) that you are an idiot because a good chunk of car accidents are caused by OTHER DRIVERS.  I get irrationally upset about this sometimes.  At the moment, I am feeling very calm about the idiotic, self-centered drivers around town so I just wanted to make a note of this.

(But for real, use your turn signals for crying outloud!!  Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere with a subway.)

2. Oh, did I mention that I finished reading Hannah Coulter?  I don’t think I did.  Went to Cafe Coco the other night, but only stayed about an hour – long enough to finish the book but not long enough to get a coffee refill (just as well since I wasn’t sleepy until 11 as it was).  I had neglected to check the weather, as usual, and realized that we had tornado watches and thunderstorm warnings only after a gust of wind knocked a tree limb onto a car parked in front of the coffee shop.  I packed up and left shortly thereafter, not being one who enjoys driving through inclement weather.

But anyway, the book was sooooo so good.  I absolutely LOVED it.  I left it at home or I would type up some of my favorite quotes.  I loved the book for several reasons, but one of the biggest was the picture that Berry paints of a community – of a “membership,” and of belonging to a place and to a people.  It’s so easy these days to isolate yourself from other people, and to not care about the place where you find yourself (physically).  I rent my house, so I don’t really want to put the time and effort forth to really care for it like I would if I owned it.  And I have always been a loner, so it’s second-nature for me to go off by myself instead of interacting with real people.  I tend to read about people in books or on the internet, rather than getting to know them one-on-one.  Which is my fault, and not something that I’m proud of.  I find that it’s actually somewhat difficult to talk with people one-on-one, though, because for whatever reason, people are caught off-guard when you open up to them and try to get them to open up to you.

Anyway.  I need to spend more time reflecting on the book, and I would like to go back and re-read it at some point.  I think I might do Jayber Crow first.  Or I might switch to some Asimov, as I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years now.  Or, I’ve also been thinking about picking up the book of Nabokov short stories again – or even reading one of his novels.  Should give Pnin another shot.  I might go to Cafe Coco again tonight, as when I try to sit down and read at home I regretfully don’t get very far before I’m distracted by something.  (This is especially true with Ryan being there….)

3. Have been wishing to be back in Windermere with Katie lately.  Since I can’t do that, it makes me want to explore new places in Nashville, or go on a road trip.  (Alas, I’ve been trying to be fiscally responsible lately – after spending $50 at the Southern Festival of Books last weekend…ha….. – which means not going out unless it’s cheap, and not going on any road trips unless they are also cheap.  Plus I don’t have anyone to go on road trips with me anyway, as all my friends are busy… grumble.)

4. Ooh!  I forgot!  There are 5 pay periods this month, so I’ll have an extra pay check!!  I should really go back to forgetting about that, though….  Use it to save up for a new computer or something.  If anyone wants to get rid of a perfectly well-functioning Macbook, let me know.  I’m not getting anything with Windows again.

5. I haven’t seen Stephen in about a year (biggest exaggeration ever, but I enjoy hyperbole), and my indifference for the CMA awards has moved into a personal displeasure at their existence.

6. I need new glasses.  Or new eyes.

7. Have started (finally) brainstorming Christmas present ideas.  This year won’t be as much of a failure as last year – though I think you people liked your gifts last year at least moderately well.  But I’m going back to making stuff this year.  And I would like to be working on that right now, instead of passing the time by writing boring blog entry lists.  Once I’m finished (i.e. run out of things to ramble about), I think I’ll start making a list of supplies that I need (etc).  I’m fairly good at lists.  Or anyway, I enjoy them.  Organization and all.

8. Actually, I think I’ve run out of stuff to ramble about now.

EDIT: Just saw this on FB, and it goes perfectly with point #2. I really would so much love to build a village like this, maybe Pegram area, or Joelton?  Totally do-able. 

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

8 thoughts on “In no particular order, a list”

  1. You said you write “boring blog entry lists”–HA! By the time I got to that paragraph, I had decided to copy and paste this entry into an email that I could respond to, point by point. THAT is not descriptive of “boring”!


  2. As you know, I loved loved LOVED Hannah Coulter, and Jayber Crow is great, too. Memberships that intend to include, rather than exclude, and ground its members—-this is what I want. Involvements with several different communities keep sharpening / changing the way I see this working, practically, in my life …….. so many thoughts….

    Your Christmas presents almost always embarrass my Christmas presents. Because clearly its all a competition.

    What *I* hate most of all is when people pull out in front of me when they could have waited 2-3 seconds for me to pass and then pulled out into the FOUR MILES OF EMPTY ROAD BEHIND ME. Either they’re A) idiots who don’t pay attention, who will someday actually get rear-ended, and since the person who rear-ended them was probably going 5 miles over the speed limit, they’ll get a new car, B) self-centered people who feel every space on the road was created for their immediate passage, or C) moralist drivers, who are trying to slow traffic down, because they hate it when people are in a hurry. I love denigrating other drivers.


  3. Well, next weekend/days I have free i’ll let you know. We could plan an east tn trip or something? I’m sure you know somebody there. Heh. People are ridiculous drivers. I especially hate people that drive in the left lane (aka PASSing lane). I do tend to have a lead foot though….they’re probably cursing me for going too fast. I’m pretty excited about your Christmas gifts too. Finally, your village should most definitely be in the Columbia area. In fact, the land behind my house for sale. It’s a 38 acre farm. Get some people to chip in!


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