Cambridge, Day Two (so far)

Just thought I’d put up a few pictures from today so far. We slept kinda late and missed the free breakfast, so walked down to a little pastry/sandwich shop where I got a fresh mozzarella sandwich and Katie got eggs florentine. I took a picture of her plate because the eggs were just perfectly, beautifully poached.


Two comments on the restaurants around here. One: most of them don’t seem to have drip coffee. When I order coffee, I get americanos. So far the only exception I’ve noticed is Starbucks, but they even gave me a weird look when I asked for drip coffee. Had to clarify by saying ” black coffee” and pointing to the urns behind the counter. Two: people don’t seem to drink as much water. You have to ask for a glass of tap water – otherwise you get nothing. I’m so used to places in the US just bringing you water before you even order.

So anyway, after breakfast we walked around a bit more. It’s a GORGEOUS spring day – the trees are in bloom, daffodils are everywhere, the sky is blue, and the grass is oh so green.