Windermere! Lake Windermere!

If you know the tone of voice in which to read that title, kudos. Also it probably means we’re in the same family. So far no signs if dead bodies or the Shakespeare Arms, though. Unfortunately.





5 thoughts on “Windermere! Lake Windermere!

  1. Local boatmen? And—that is a shame about no Shakespeare Arms. And what do all those discs in that last picture signify?


  2. So apparently the coin thing is done all around Scotland for luck – by tourists and natives. I was with a group walking along in the highlands (sheep-galore, man) and we found a huge fallen tree with coins stuck in it all up and down the trunk – from tons of different countries. Actually, one of my profs took a few…stealing some poor fool’s luck away I suppose. But it was crazy looking!


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