Edinburgh Day Two (or, Last Day in the UK)

I’m about vacationed out, guys. Having a great time still, of course, but we are both looking forward to being home again. Plane leaves tomorrow!!

I have to say – I would be so much more inclined to move to Edinburgh than to London. London was nice and all, but I feel like Edinburgh has more personality. London was full of busy people all dressed in black pretty much. Edinburgh seems to have a wider variety of people.

Of course, I say this having been in both cities like two days. But at any rate, this has been my impression. Plus Scottish accents are to die for.

This morning, we walked to a little cafe for pastries and coffee. We then made our way to Edinburgh Castle which comprised most of the rest of the day’s activities. It was….grand. And beautiful. And humbling. And all that stuff. If my brain wasn’t frazzled from, uh, whatever is frazzling it, I’d offer more reflections. Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy my ramblings (there are a few of you, right?), all you’re getting past this is pictures.

Oh btw. The picture of the chair is where Mary Queen of Scots birthed her only son. James somethingorother.