Goodness Cambridge is adorable. We thought about going to Oxford, but were told that Cambridge is nicer (and Anna Laura said it was anticlimactic, as I recall).

This morning, we checked out of our London hotel and took the train to Cambridge. Here, we’re staying in a cute little hotel right above a pub, which is extremely convenient. After checking in, we walked around a bit but we both have very sore feet so a couple hours later, we’re back in our room. Even though there’s not a ton to say, I thought I’d put up some pictures anyway. Sorry I’m not in any of these, Mom….. I feel super tourist-y, pulling out my phone all the time to take pictures. I can get over that though.




A note about that last one – it is definitely a picture of a guy playing his guitar inside of a trash can. I was claustrophobic just looking at him.