The one where I complain about doing stuff

I have a whole list of stuff I have to get done on my lunch break.
– Going home to grab a load of dirty towels (as my washing machine is broken)
– Going to Bill and Helen’s going wash the towels
– Have to run by the post office for stamps
– Want to run by the yarn store for…yarn
– Have to make myself a doctor’s appointment
– At SOME point I need to call Vanderbilt because I mistakenly paid the same bill twice but have not received any credit or anything….
– Also need to call the SSA to see if Matt has any Social Security Bucks coming my way.

After work, I have to pick up a prescription, and then help Ryan move something but I’ll probably be free after that.

In an ideal world, I would get up in time to put on makeup every morning. Over lunch, I’d have leftovers from the night before. After work, I would come home and exercise, then shower, then either hang out with friends or chill by myself at home (and if I chose the latter, I’d cook dinner too). Why am I so bad at making all of these things happen on the same day?

Actually, in an IDEAL world, I would be naturally skinny and beautiful and healthy, and would be able to spend as much time as I wanted in bed doing whatever I felt like. I would be paid to sit around and crochet or sew or cook or garden all day. I would make such a great housewife (as long as I didn’t have to be responsible for any children, that is; if I was in such a position then I don’t think I would be nearly as perfect a housewife as otherwise).

BUT! It’s good to get stuff done, and it’s also good to be able to pay bills and not ruin my credit.

So I’m done complaining.