New Etsy Listing, Weekend Recap, etc.

Sometimes I feel guilty about writing blog posts as a bulleted list, because that seems like a cop out.  I can write in incomplete sentences, I don’t have to try to make my thoughts flow cohesively (no transitional paragraphs, for example), and I still feel organized (because lists).

That said, I am still going to post this entry as a list.  I will, however, try to complete my sentences.

  • On Friday, we went to the symphony.  Two of the pieces they played were composed by the same person (whose name I have forgotten…); one was based on the works of Grant Wood (of American Gothic fame), and the other – which was a world premier I believe – was based on works of Hemingway.  I QUITE liked both of these, but especially the Hemingway as I’m more familiar with him than I am with Grant Wood.  I commented to Stephen that sometimes I have a tendency to sort of zone out during the symphony, but both of these pieces held my attention the whole time.
  • Oh and beforehand, we went to Sushiyobi with Katie for dinner.  Was delicious.
  • On Saturday, Mike and Mar came over and we played games and ate amazing corned beef sandwiches for dinner.  Oh so good.  Saturday also included an unsuccessful trip to Lowes for a cable for the lawn mower (my grass is currently about 18″ high), but we did successfully find sweet mint and peppermint plants so there’s that.
  • Sunday was spent thus — slept in, Stephen left and I went to Coco to meet Katie for lunch, we came back to my house to draw but ended up putting on Life Aquatic while Katie read and I worked on this leather purse.  Drank some wine, etc.  Was nice.  After Katie left, I drank some more wine, ate dinner, watched some TV, finished the purse, and went to bed.
  • I will note that the whole week has been wet and rainy, which is one reason that my grass is almost up to my knees.  I took this picture out of my living room window yesterday, when the sky was dark grey with rain clouds but the sun had managed to peek through momentarily …


Oh and here are pictures of the new purse.

maple - front detail maple - front full maple - front

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

2 thoughts on “New Etsy Listing, Weekend Recap, etc.”

  1. Nice purse. Yeah, on Wikipedia they used to complain too about people adding bulleted lists if the passage could be read easily as plain paragraphs.

    “On the bullet issue: If you’re sending this to FAC [featured article candidacy], I can tell you from experience that the bullets will need to go. I don’t agree with that (bulleted prose, if done properly, is still prose), but that’s just how it is. Personally, I like them. I think a few bullet points make it easier to skim and reduce the number of one- or two-sentence paragraphs (which, in my opinion, are no better). But the objections you got over them in GA [good article] and Peer Review are just a taste of what’s to come at FAC, so you might as well give in and save yourself the trouble later.”

    “It’s also better to actually write out things like this as prose, instead of bulleted lists, discussing how these popular culture references actually relate to the city itself. Bulleted lists seem to just motivate other pea-brained editors to just add more bullets; prose will actually provide something useful and meaningful.”,_New_Jersey/archive1

    I guess Wikipedia may have some concerns that aren’t relevant to a single-editor blog.


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