allergies and to-do lists….

My immune system decided that it could no longer stand up against this army of allergens that’s been waging war, and has flown up the white flag.  Naturally, the allergens have all taken this as their cue to invade my entire head and I am currently having trouble warding off the violent eruptions of phlegm through my nasal passages.  Plus my eyes are running, and my ears are running, and my mouth probably is too for that matter.  Not to be left out.  I’m sure I look like I’ve been crying.  Which I guess I kind of have been – crying over the defeat of my precious immune system and my poor nose.

Eh, anyway.  So that’s how the morning’s going so far.  I should have taken an antihistamine (eh heh).

Last night was utterly unproductive unless we’re counting the adventures of Traude, my Bosmer in Oblivion.  But we’re not – we’re only counting things that happen in real (as opposed to virtual) life.  So last night was utterly unproductive — but fun, don’t get me wrong.

So today after work, I have some stuff that I need to get done.

  • Firstly, I should do a load of laundry
  • Secondofly, I need to clean the kitchen
  • And straighten the living room, though it’s pretty clean
  • I ought to change the sheets in the bedroom, and I REALLY need to go through all my clothes and just throw out the ones I don’t wear anymore.  Or at least, I can put them in a box or something and stick them in the attic — that would be better than storing them in laundry baskets or on the floor.
  • Also I need to get my  Etsy inventory back up.  I owe the IRS a lot this year (presumably because I’d filed as married the last several years and I guess I never changed anything with that after Matt died…ugh) so any extra income I can make would be nice.  And I obviously can sell those apothecary’s satchels, so I really should.
  • Maybe after getting some cleaning knocked out, I’ll put on Amelie and make some leather stuff.  Haven’t seen Amelie in a while, and I think it’s supposed to be rainy tonight which is perfect weather for that movie

Now I just have to make it until 4:30.  I brought a new book with me — the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 1.  Yesterday was busy at work but maybe today will be slow enough for me to read some.  That’d be nice.