Renaissance Fair plans

OK guys, I’m sort of a dork.  I realize and embrace this fact, and in the interest of caring less about what people think of me and more about doing things that make me happy, I am making myself a cloak to wear to this year’s Ren Fair.  Which starts in a couple of weeks.

I just found a pattern online and downloaded it.  Next, I need to acquire seven yards of fabric to make this.  JoAnn’s has a 50% off fabric coupon which I will be using, unless I find one that is on sale and cheaper without the coupon.  I’m wanting to do a very light-weight fabric…probably a cotton or linen.  It’s going to be white.  I am already excited.

The reason I want to dress up for this at all is because the last time I went, I wore regular clothes and was SO jealous of all the people in their beautiful costumes.  So THIS time, I’m not going to feel left out.

Here’s a drawing of the cloak ——


So just imagine this in white, with a white cotton dress underneath.  I’ve wanted to wear my brown cloak to the Ren Fair before, but it’s too heavy since the fair is always in May.  I figure a nice light white one will actually help though – with keeping my skin from being sunburned, and reflecting the sun (etc etc).

OK, will stop going on about this now.  Will also post updates…….  😀