New Etsy Listing, Weekend Recap, etc.

Sometimes I feel guilty about writing blog posts as a bulleted list, because that seems like a cop out.  I can write in incomplete sentences, I don’t have to try to make my thoughts flow cohesively (no transitional paragraphs, for example), and I still feel organized (because lists).

That said, I am still going to post this entry as a list.  I will, however, try to complete my sentences.

  • On Friday, we went to the symphony.  Two of the pieces they played were composed by the same person (whose name I have forgotten…); one was based on the works of Grant Wood (of American Gothic fame), and the other – which was a world premier I believe – was based on works of Hemingway.  I QUITE liked both of these, but especially the Hemingway as I’m more familiar with him than I am with Grant Wood.  I commented to Stephen that sometimes I have a tendency to sort of zone out during the symphony, but both of these pieces held my attention the whole time.
  • Oh and beforehand, we went to Sushiyobi with Katie for dinner.  Was delicious.
  • On Saturday, Mike and Mar came over and we played games and ate amazing corned beef sandwiches for dinner.  Oh so good.  Saturday also included an unsuccessful trip to Lowes for a cable for the lawn mower (my grass is currently about 18″ high), but we did successfully find sweet mint and peppermint plants so there’s that.
  • Sunday was spent thus — slept in, Stephen left and I went to Coco to meet Katie for lunch, we came back to my house to draw but ended up putting on Life Aquatic while Katie read and I worked on this leather purse.  Drank some wine, etc.  Was nice.  After Katie left, I drank some more wine, ate dinner, watched some TV, finished the purse, and went to bed.
  • I will note that the whole week has been wet and rainy, which is one reason that my grass is almost up to my knees.  I took this picture out of my living room window yesterday, when the sky was dark grey with rain clouds but the sun had managed to peek through momentarily …


Oh and here are pictures of the new purse.

maple - front detail maple - front full maple - front