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This weather makes me miss working at B&C (*insert gasps*) — because I could not only SEE the beautiful spring day, but I could also go work in it if I was so inclined.  What a contrast with my current vantage point — for all I can see, it could be snowing.  Gah.  Also I miss getting off work at 2:30.  Though I do not miss going into work at 6am.

The spring weather makes me want to get off my ass and DO STUFF.  So I’m making a list.

  • I need to thoroughly clean out my dresser and closet.  I need to ACTUALLY GET RID OF STUFF that does not currently fit me or that I do not like to wear.  Goes for shoes as well as clothing.
  • I need to clean my bathroom (ideally this will include organizing the closet as well)
  • Some rooms need minor straightening and dusting – like the library, and the dining room
  • Although speaking of the dining room, I also need to go through and weed out a bunch of DVDs to take to McKays.
  • Wash my dishes and clean out the fridge, obviously
  • Make more stuff for my Etsy shop (grumble)
  • Maybe tackle outside my house…at some point…like weeding, organizing, throwing away trash accumulated by someone who will remain nameless….
  • Should also go through my closet in the hall and purge/organize it.

I’m going to Beaman Park after work today, just to do the little 2 mile loop.  Going to Chattanooga this weekend but I need to start doing the 6 mile trail in there again.  Being able to turn off my brain and just walk for 6 miles is so, so lovely.

Anyway.  Sometimes lists help me to get motivated to DO rather than to sit and play Oblivion (which is going nicely except that I keep wanting to keep all the daedric artifacts that I procure, instead of giving them to Martin to destroy…).

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

2 thoughts on “a list”

  1. Two quick things: while reading I had a very strong urge to fly back to the States and head out to your place just to do your outside work. Not even necessarily for your sake, but for mine…
    And the other, I now have Oblivion for Xbox =D That is, I’m borrowing it for several months.


    1. Would not mind you doing all my outdoors house work. Fine with me.

      And YAY about Oblivion!!!! That’s awesome! Totally keep me updated on how you like it. It took me a while (like a few months) to really get into, and I’d keep switching back to Skyrim because it was easier, but Oblivion is turning out to be pretty awesome now. I’m somewhere around level 20 on my first and only character, so it doesn’t level up quite as quickly as Skyrim does. Also there are other significant differences between the two games, but overall they’re so much alike. I think.


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