a list

This weather makes me miss working at B&C (*insert gasps*) — because I could not only SEE the beautiful spring day, but I could also go work in it if I was so inclined.  What a contrast with my current vantage point — for all I can see, it could be snowing.  Gah.  Also I miss getting off work at 2:30.  Though I do not miss going into work at 6am.

The spring weather makes me want to get off my ass and DO STUFF.  So I’m making a list.

  • I need to thoroughly clean out my dresser and closet.  I need to ACTUALLY GET RID OF STUFF that does not currently fit me or that I do not like to wear.  Goes for shoes as well as clothing.
  • I need to clean my bathroom (ideally this will include organizing the closet as well)
  • Some rooms need minor straightening and dusting – like the library, and the dining room
  • Although speaking of the dining room, I also need to go through and weed out a bunch of DVDs to take to McKays.
  • Wash my dishes and clean out the fridge, obviously
  • Make more stuff for my Etsy shop (grumble)
  • Maybe tackle outside my house…at some point…like weeding, organizing, throwing away trash accumulated by someone who will remain nameless….
  • Should also go through my closet in the hall and purge/organize it.

I’m going to Beaman Park after work today, just to do the little 2 mile loop.  Going to Chattanooga this weekend but I need to start doing the 6 mile trail in there again.  Being able to turn off my brain and just walk for 6 miles is so, so lovely.

Anyway.  Sometimes lists help me to get motivated to DO rather than to sit and play Oblivion (which is going nicely except that I keep wanting to keep all the daedric artifacts that I procure, instead of giving them to Martin to destroy…).