please don’t feel any obligation to read these entries, btw

I decided that I’m feeling awake enough to skip the nap.  Plus I got kinda busy, so that helps.

Also discussed meal stuff with Stephen some so here is the current plan.  For breakfast, I’m doing eggs, sausage patties, gravy, and biscuits.  Might throw in some fruit for good measure.  I mean, you know.  For lunch I’m thinking grilled cheese (will likely get some delicious bread and stuff like brie and cheddar) and potato soup.  This means we should have pancakes and bacon on Thursday morning so that we can fry extra bacon for the potato soup.  So sausage and biscuits on Friday.  Anyway.  For dinner I’m doing fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese maybe, green beans maybe, corn on the cob (or not), maybe.  I’m sorry, but I adore mac and cheese from a box.  Buuut maybe could do something homemade.  Hm.

OK, fine.  I’ll make the mac and cheese from scratch.  Hmph.  And if I’m doing that, I’ll do green beans to go with it.  Don’t want the plate to be ONLY yellow and brown.

There’s going to be a lot of cheese and butter in this cabin.  Yuuuum.  Now I want to do deviled eggs too, but Stephen doesn’t like them.  That DOES mean more for me, though.  Will have to think about this…..

in an effort to stay awake, I am writing another one

seriously, this coffee is NOT kicking in.  and I’ve had at least a good cup so far.  don’t really want to go make any more either because it doesn’t exactly taste great.  I keep taking my jacket off because I’m too warm, then putting it back on in 5 minutes because I’m too cold.  gah.

going to have to actually mail those boots back, dammit.  well, whatever.  there are worse things.

I’m trying to decide what books to bring with me this week.  I need a good novel to immerse myself in, and my first instinct is to bring either Jane Eyre or Rebecca.  But I’m also thinking that I should perhaps read a book I haven’t already read multiple times, too.  Like Master and Margarita, or some Nabokov novel.  Will probably bring that book of Nabokov short stories though, and also the Bill Nye book I still haven’t finished.  I also recently bought a Vonnegut book I’ve never read (Jailbird I think is what it’s called), so could bring that.  I may go study my library later today.

Also need to plan some meals.  I suggested that we each take one meal, so I have one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner to figure out.  the cabin has a kitchen and an outside grill, so my options are pretty wide.  I have a lunch idea already – grilled cheese and soup.  Ooh, looks like it’s supposed to rain later this week – which would make for perfect cabin/reading/soup weather.  Must add candles to my packing list.

What do I want to do for breakfast?  Eggs, sausage, gravy, biscuits?  French toast?  Pancakes?

What about dinner?  Steaks?  Chicken and dumplins?  Burgers?  Pork tenderloin?  Fried chicken?  Any of these would be delicious, dammit.  How am I supposed to pick?  Also, all I had for breakfast was a packet of instant oatmeal so now I’m practically starving.

also my feet are super cold.  and I’m thinking about going home on my lunch break to take a nap.  I might actually do that.  a nap sounds so lovely…..

ok so tentatively, assuming Stephen doesn’t come up with the same ideas.  breakfast of eggs, sausage, gravy, and biscuits.  (plan b is french toast.)  lunch of grilled cheese and tomato caprese spinach soup.  dinner of steak, asparagus, potatoes, maybe something else.  (plan b for dinner is fried chicken, potatoes, maybe some fried apples, maybe asparagus or some other green)

ok, right.  damn I’m cold.  jacket is currently on, too.

Weekends of bowling, jazz, and good food

It was a good weekend, and I am still sore.

Stephen’s birthday was yesterday, so we sort of celebrated all weekend.  On Friday evening, we watched Tree of Life – which I hadn’t seen, but thought was gorgeous.  I think I need to see it a few more times to really be able to understand everything that’s going on in the movie, but even still it was beautiful and tragic.

Saturday was a lazy morning, and in the afternoon we went to Old Navy for a few things….then Books A Million (because I wanted to get the latest National Geographic, and also why not?)….then to my house to pick up a package.  I had ordered some new boots (old ones are having fairly serious issues), and when I opened the box and tried them on I discovered that I could only get the left boot onto my foot.  Right boot was having nothing to do with it.  *sigh*  Soooo am going to have to return those and see if I can swap them out for a larger size.  Hoping that I can do that here in town without having to mail them back.

For dinner, we met Stephen’s friend Roger for sushi.  Roger’s the one who plays in the symphony and gets us free tickets (er, well, I suppose he gets STEPHEN free tickets, to be more precise) — and actually volunteered to get us tickets for this Friday as well.  I really like this guy – he is so likable and genuine.  Had a good time with him at dinner.  After, we went to the bowling alley where we waited about an hour for a lane (Saturday night and all, and they don’t take reservations).  I will definitely admit that I was dreading this part of the evening, as it’d been forever since I bowled last, and never once have I enjoyed bowling.  But I was going to try to be a trooper and bowl at least one game.  Well, ended up bowling five (which is why I am still sore), and I ACTUALLY WON TWO GAMES.  I know, right??  What?!  How??  I don’t know.  I can’t explain it.  But here’s proof of at least one of the games.


(The “M” is for “MILHO” which is a Simpsons reference……..which I doubt anyone reading this will get, come to think of it.)

No idea I was even capable of bowling over 100.  Huh.  So weird.  Stephen’s friend Andy showed up during our 3rd game, which was about when they turned on the black lights and disco balls, and I think Stephen won both of those games.  But still.  Nevertheless.

So then yesterday, we went to Fido in the morning, where I read the cover story of that National Geographic (recommend btw).  Then we moseyed over to Village Pub for happy hour on the patio, which was lovely.  They have the best herbed-chicken-with-goat-cheese stuffed pretzels.  OMG.  So good.  Since the weather was so nice (grey, but comparatively warm, and after all the ice and snow we’ve had, 50’s feels like magic) – so we went to Shelby Bottoms and walked around a bit before going back to Stephen’s for about an hour, then heading over for a jazz show in the Gulch.


It was a good weekend, like I said, but I am still sore.  I can blame several factors for being so tired this morning, but mostly I just want to go to bed early tonight.  Like, 9pm.  That sounds lovely.

I’m feeling better about this Monday than most, though, because I only have a two-day work week; I’m taking off Wednesday through Friday and we’ve rented a cabin in Standing Stone park…somewhere north of Cookeville.  Oh, I think I may have mentioned this already.  But it’s two days away and I’m excited about being in the middle of nowhere for a few days.  It’s going to be lovely, regardless of the weather.  🙂