Standing Stone, etc.

I’m getting so lazy with these blog entries lately, I know.  Sorry.  I don’t even have any good excuses.

Had a lovely time at Standing Stone State Park.  We got there on Wednesday, around 4:30 (after taking an hour detour — an hour because as it turned out, the bridge leading to the cabins was closed and we had to find our way via trial and error to the north entrance….it was a very interesting drive in).  For dinner Stephen made filet mignon, haricot vert with toasted almonds, and roasted potatoes (with garlic, etc) — while I started Rebecca.  Which I decided to read instead of a new book, because I just love it so much.  Had some red wine – maybe a Cabernet Sav? – with dinner, which paired just beautifully with the steak and beans and potatoes.  Man it was good.

blog - steak

I had anticipated that the weather would be precipitous the whole time we were away – but Thursday ended up being dry and intermittently sunny, even.  It was a pleasant surprise, even though I was going to enjoy whatever weather we ended up having.  The cabin had a gas fireplace and I brought plenty of candles – so we were well prepared for rainy days.

Thursday breakfast was the only meal that we forgot to photograph, unfortunately.  I made biscuits, gravy, eggs with neufchatel, and sausage patties.  Obviously it was delicious, even though I had forgotten to bring a gravy recipe and ended up just pretending that I knew how to make it.  (Turns out, I do.)  After breakfast, we both spent time sitting outside on the partly-sunny patio, reading or writing.  Made potato soup with grilled cheese (and I did go a bit overboard on the cheese in this meal, as soup had yellow cheddar and grilled cheese had white cheddar and brie), which was delicious even though we weren’t completely hungry yet.  Breakfast was hearty.

blog - lunch

After lunch, we went out to this tiny little town to get some s’mores supplies, then when we got back took a little trek down to the lake and over to the dam.  Was a lovely little trail, and an adorable dam.  Stephen took pictures of the dam but I don’t feel like uploading everything, so if you want to see feel free to google.  I still need to google it actually, because it was so quaint and vintage-looking that we were both really curious as to when it was built…..

blog - lake 2 blog - lake

Got back from hiking, read some more, took showers, and ended up eating dinner pretty late.  I made fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and deviled eggs.  Meant to make more green beans but completely forgot all about them.

blog - fried chicken

Which was just as well, as it was SO MUCH FOOD OMG.  All delicious, but after eating one piece of chicken, a few bites of potatoes, and a couple deviled eggs, I couldn’t even fit anything else in my stomach at all.  So much for getting s’mores.

Breakfast on Friday was pancakes a la Stephen, with neufchatel and berries, and bacon.

blog - breakfast

Man.  It was good.  I forgot to take any pictures of the cabin, and Stephen only took one, but it was really the cutest little cabin ever.  Three rooms plus a bathroom, and the living room/bedroom were floor to ceiling wood paneling, with lots of windows looking into the woods.  The kitchen and bathroom were white plaster but still very cute.  I just loved it.  Would not at all mind living in a cabin like that, although it would mean downsizing a whole hell of a lot.

blog - cabin

Much to my surprise, Saturday was pie day (3.14), so I made a berry pie, and calzones (er, pizza pies) for dinner.  So much good food last week.

blog - pie

We did a few other things this weekend….like going to the symphony, putting together Stephen’s grill, walking to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas, grocery shopping, sleeping in, going to Fido on Sunday morning, watching Tina Fey’s new Netflix show, etc.  Overall it was a really great 5-day weekend (for me), though I haven’t quite finished Rebecca yet.  Soon!

I’m thinking that I might made a pit stop to Beaman Park after work today, since the sun is setting around seven now.  This weather is so fleeting that I fear I’ll regret not getting out and enjoying it as much as I can.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

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    1. Oh, great, as always. Though I’m more in-tune to gender roles this time, for whatever reason, and keep wanting to yell at Mrs de Winter. And also at Maxim. Though it’s also a nice history lesson about the dynamic between a married couple! Definitely seeing things a bit differently this read-though, which is good and appropriate.


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