Copyright infringements and oak leaves

First of all — MADE MY FIRST SALE LAST NIGHT!!!!  Wooohooooooooo!!!!  To a complete stranger in Vermont, too!!  So exciting.  They bought the satchel with the shoulder strap, so I need to make another one of those because someone else had expressed interest in it, too.  Currently I’m working on two things though; someone in Knoxville who knows people from Grace asked me to make him a custom camera bag (waiting on a tool to get here before I really tackle that one), and I just started a variation on the satchel last night.

Which leads me to my next topic — two of my listings were taken down yesterday because the copyright holder had contacted Etsy as they were in violation of their intellectual property rights.  Which…I mean, I get it.  I was unsure about listing them with “Skyrim” in the title in the first place, but since so so sooo many other people similarly listed items, I figured it was ok.  Well…no, not so much.  Sooo I relisted them after removing every reference to Skyrim, and my shop views have plummeted.  Like, drastically.  Which is one reason I’m moving on to other designs.  I might go back in a week or so and add Skyrim to the tags, but apparently even that can get you shut down if the copyright holder reports it.  So.  Yeah.

I guess these pictures are kind of redundant, but I just like all of them!

oak finished oak half oak