Mage satchel

OK, have another apothecary/mage’s satchel up for sale on Etsy.  I ran out of the leather I was using to make the other ones, so found one that’s similar in color but definitely not in texture – this is MUCH softer, more like deer hide (which it might be).  I’m still sort of torn as to whether I like it or not.  I mean it definitely doesn’t look bad – I just don’t know if I like it as much as the others.  I’m going to try this other veg tan leather out to see if I like it any better.

satchel 1

So as we all know, Carla and Adam got married last weekend (!!).  Stephen and I went down to Knoxville on Thursday (at like 5am) and got back home Sunday afternoon.  I think we both had an enjoyable time!  It was nice.  Here are some pictures.  (Apologies again for what seems like insubstantial blog entries…..but……..)

blog - moss garden

blog - stephen and rosa blog - stphen and mary

Also – sorry to Stephen and Rosa about the picture on the left, but after taking about 10 shots and none of them looking any good, I opted just to keep the picture where they both look bad.  At least that way, no one feels left out.

Top picture is a little moss garden from the trail gardens at UT (which were gorgeous).

blog - cakes 1 blog - cakes

blog - carla 2 blog - carla 4 blog - carla

I made four cakes for this wedding, and after one or two snags, I think they all turned out looking pretty good!  And they tasted ok, to boot!

In non-related news, I have started new characters in both Oblivion and Skyrim; both are altmer and both are named Faire Agarwen (Oblivion)/Agarwyn (Skyrim).  Both are mages, as I have never played a pure mage in either game and needed something new to try.  So far Agarwen is only a level 2 or 3, but Agarwyn is up to around level 13 so I’m starting to be able to use more powerful spells with her – and it’s great!  I’m about half-way through the College of Winterhold questline (which is the first one I’ve really focused on with Agarwyn).  Also I spent most of Monday getting the necessary guild recommendations for Agarwen so that she could join the Arcane University.  I left off there right before going off to get the wood for the Mage’s Staff, mostly because I didn’t feel like fighting necromancers.

Anyway, it’s fun, and I’m having fun, yes.  Again I feel compelled to say that I like the character development and leveling in Oblivion better than Skyrim just because it’s more complicated, and you can take your characters in more varied directions than in Skyrim because you can choose more specializations.

Um, anyway.  I’ll stop now.

Entry. Another one.

It’s been a slow day so far, and I’m bored.  So, blogging.  Which I haven’t been doing so much lately because I just haven’t had that much to write about, I guess.  Or maybe because I have a better outlet for getting things out of my brain lately (hanging out with Stephen and sending Katie about a million FB messages every day)….not sure.  Either way, I doubt this will be a very interesting entry anyway.  Proceed at your own discretion, as usual.

So today have been thinking about how much I’d like to get away from town for a little bit.  We (Stephen and I) had talked last month about renting a cabin and spending a few days holed up in a state park, reading.  It got put on the back burner but I’m trying to light that fire again today, because I just really really really want to get out of town.  I adore the idea of renting a cabin because it means we can sit around and read or write or draw or paint or hike all day, and not worry about expending energy by being around other people.  Not that I dislike expending energy that way — just that, well, I dislike it sometimes.  Like when I’d rather be holed up in a cabin reading a book.

Anyway, have been doing a little thinking about what to bring, what kind of food to make, etc.  It’s fun, but as long as I don’t even know if we’re going for sure I figure I shouldn’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched…..

Also been thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.  I’ve decided on pork chops (with a beer/ketchup/brown sugar sauce), mashed sweet potatoes, and fried apples.  And…if Publix still has the salted caramel gelato on sale, I’m getting some of that to go with leftover fried apples.  Mm.  I keep thinking about whether I should put something green in this meal or not, but that almost seems like overkill.  I don’t know…maybe I’ll get some asparagus too.

Have been in the mood to watch the Elephant Man lately, so if Stephen doesn’t object I’ll probably strongly recommend that one.  It’s depressing but good, and goes with the weather of late.

Oh, also.  My shop is out of Skyrim bags yet again, and doesn’t seem to get any hits when I don’t have apothecary’s satchels listed.  Hmph.  I’m shipping two off today — the two I made about a week ago.  Not a bad turn-around at all!  Though I think I only have enough leather left to make one more satchel.  Need to hit up the leather store again, I suppose…..  This is 8 sales total, btw – and 9 if you count the camera bag.  Not too shabby, eh?

So last night I stayed home and played Oblivion.  I know, I know.  I could be doing other, more productive things with my time.  Buuut….it’s still my first play-through and even though I’m finally up to level 15, there’s still SO MUCH I don’t know!!  I decided that Martin was getting on my nerves, so I returned him to the Priory and then we went to whatever that secret Blade fortress is called.  I happened upon another gate to Oblivion while I was hopping back to …the Imperial City, maybe, but was out of arrows so decided to buy more before venturing onto the plane.  Made it back to the Arcane University, for some reason that I’ve forgotten, and accidentally stole something from someone there.  I swear I didn’t even mean to steal it – my thumb slipped or something.  I need a new controller.  But I was immediately caught and my Mage Guild key and privileges were suspended.  Ugh.  So I spent the rest of the evening finding 20 damned dragontongues and 20 damned redwort flowers.  Took forever, though I finally did find enough to get my member benefits back.  Gah.  What a pain.

The connections between Oblivion and Skyrim can be so cool sometimes.  Like I just found the 4 volumes of some Mythic Dawn commentaries, and was reminded that the museum in Dawnstar also has the same 4 volumes in a display case.  Probably not the SAME volumes, but maybe since #3 and #4 are so “impossible” to find (per the bookseller, but I was able to find them in about 10 minutes).  TES lore is so, so cool…..

Anyway.  So that’s what I did last night.  It was very relaxing and pleasant.  I recommend TES games to all you people.  Seriously.

Had a good weekend.  We hung around the house (Stephen’s) on Saturday; made these two items to replenish my shop which was down to 3 listings, and sat around listening to Mahler’s 3rd and 5th symphonies, and Bach’s cello suites played by Edgar Meyer on bass.  Stephen made chili, I made a chocolate meringue pie, and we had fish tacos for lunch — it was a good day.  Yesterday we went to a concert put on by the composer’s group that Stephen’s a member of, then had a couple of drinks at Jackson’s and went back to Stephen’s to watch the Oscars.  Which were pretty entertaining.  Lady Gaga is apparently an extremely talented and versatile performer — her Sound of Music medley was amazing.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, and even though today is Monday again, I’m at least glad that the sun is out (mostly) and the roads aren’t icy, and I’m making money on Etsy.  All good things.  🙂

large small

black ‘un

In lieu of sharing each new item on FB (although maybe it’s getting to be time to start a Facebook page for Leatherings), I’m posting here.  On the suggestion of someone from Reddit, I made a satchel (well, they’re really more like pouches) from black leather and just put it up.  Included a drawstring in this one, which I think looks great!

etsy - satchel black front etsy - satchel black open

New item!

Just finished a large apothecary’s satchel and listed it.  Because I’m supposed to shamelessly self-promote, I’m posting a link here.  Will maybe even open a FB page for myself once I have more inventory.  This last piece took longer to make than the first piece because of all the extra design on the strap.  (Picture links to Etsy listing.)

etsy - satchel large

Also, for good measure, here’s a snapshot of the satchel from the game.



SO, I decided to go ahead and open up a shop.  I have one little item listed right now — but there will be more, trust me.  At the moment, I would like nothing more than to be able to spend all my time making leather things, but since that’s not an option I’m instead going to try to figure out how to get my listing to show up in Google.

Here’s the link – if you’re on Etsy, you should totally like my shop.  It would make me happy.  

I’m uploading pictures here because I think it’s just so cute!!

etsy - satchel front etsy - satchel open

Also if you know anything about Etsy, I welcome tips and comments.

Embracing my inner dork

This is going to be about Skyrim, so be forewarned.  (I’m a tad bored at the moment.)

I’m currently playing a level 57 Breton named Astrud.  She is pretty damned bad ass if I do say so myself, and wears Dragonscale light armor (each item dual-enchanted as I have reached 100 on Enchanting twice now).  Weapons of choice are a Dragonbone bow (along with Dragonbone arrows), and a Dragonebone dagger used only for filling soul gems.  

I basically look like her, only 1) I’m wearing an Aetherial Crown, and 2) I just noticed that this is not a Dragonbone bow in the picture.  Meh.

So anyway, because I’ve gotten a few level so high (Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, and Sneaking all at 100 – with Enchanting as a Legendary 100) I’m loathe to stop playing with Astrud.  So I’m looking for new missions to do – stuff that’s kind of random and somewhat off the beaten trail.  At the moment, I’ve decided to go after the Dragon Priest Masks so that I can take them to Labyrinthian.  For visuals, this is what your typical Dragon Priest Masks looks like (this one is Morokei).

Pretty, eh?  I know, not so much.  But whatever.  Here’s a screen shot of the Dragon Priest shrine in Labyrinthian, which I guess is less visually stunning than it could be, but I’m hoping that getting it filled will be more gratifying than it looks.

YEA Dragon Priest Masks!!  I’m currently missing two (plus the additional wooden mask needed to activate the shrine) — Nahkriin, and Rahgot.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m excited about finally getting this quest under my belt.  Labyrinthian is this mysterious, ancient place which has some kind of long-dead appeal about it…er, rather, the appeal is still there, but the place itself is long dead.  I should word that a different way.  It used to be the capitol of Skyrim and the ruins are in excellent shape, considering the age of the city.  

Note: these screen shots are not mine.  I found them all on google.  Don’t sue me.

Might update you later after I have completed this mission.  If it’s anticlimactic though, I probably won’t.