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  • Firstly.  Voting today.  I always kick myself for never voting early, though I’m hopeful that the lines will not be as long tonight as they were for the last Presidential election.  Phew.  Had to wait in line for about 2 hours that day.
  • Secondofly.  I needed a break from crossing Staples colored folders to stuff that we stock.  To tell the truth, finding the Smead equivalent of a Staples-brand folder really is not the most thrilling thing ever.
  • But I don’t mind that much, especially because I like this customer.  They’re a pretty big account, and this may surprise some of you but when their buyer calls me, it’s unusual for our calls to last less than 10 minutes (though if we kept to work-related subjects, they would last about 2 minutes).  We just had a conversation, in fact, about how everyone in Tennessee should be voting “no” on Amendment 1, regardless of their personal opinions on abortion.  If she didn’t live in Hendersonville, we would probably hang out all the time.
  • I have been really missing cooking in my kitchen lately, and spent a fairly good chunk of the morning finding new recipes on Pinterest.  Found this one in particular – Sweet Potato and Brie Mac & Cheese – after Cathy mentioned that she has sweet potatoes that she could bring for dinner tomorrow.  This recipe looks absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to make it!  If I could just blow off work tomorrow entirely, I would make homemade bread to go along with it…. but since I kinda have to work I’ll probably just grab a baguette somewhere.  Ah, the good ol’ days when grabbing a baguette entailed walking to the front of the room.  Now I actually have to stop at a store.  Geez.
  • Last night was really great.  I haven’t been spending enough time at home lately, so yesterday after work, I fiddled around with some leather stuff (had gotten some bronzed buckles in the mail so finished assembling something); then I put in Skyrim and played that for a while, and Ryan was so kind as to do a Fat Mo’s run for both of us; after I got tired of Skyrim, I got in bed and watched Pan’s Labyrinth.  Which is SUCH a good movie.  I actually stayed awake for the whole thing (it helped that I got in bed around 8:15).
  • Tonight I’m going to clean the kitchen, and do a load of laundry.  I would sort of like to clean the living room, but the current mess is from crafting so I know that it would reappear just as soon as I start working on more projects.  I’m keeping it clean, but not neat.  The distinction is important.
  • Ordered two books today — Bill Nye’s new one, and Mallery Ortberg’s new one.  Am excited and sort of wish I could cancel the order and just go to a bookstore.  Meh.  I have to vote instead.  And anyway, it’s not like I’m hurting for books or anything.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

2 thoughts on “[insert creative title here]”

  1. Too bad we live in Tennessee, huh. If it had been up to Nashville…

    In other news, I once went to a tiny restaurant in NYC called S’Mac which specialized in gourmet macaronis. It remains in my top 3 (or 5) food experiences. Please share news of your sweet potato and brie macaroni if you make it.


    1. Oh I’m definitely making it. Will let you know how it turns out. (And I’m trying not to think about election results, though I’m going to watch V for Vendetta tonight which might prove to be a bad idea, considering…)

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