Things I Had Been Looking Forward To Today But Am Not Anymore:

Getting the shoes I ordered last week, which the Post Office apparently tried to deliver at 7:32 last night.  No one was home.  So they left no notice on my door – or if they did it was stolen, or blew away – and now I have to wait for them to re-deliver.  Since today is a holiday.  (Which is not the part I’m complaining about.)

Things I Am Still Looking Forward To Today:

5:00, naturally

I am so getting pizza and playing Oblivion tonight.  I might do something productive, like a load of laundry, but it’s not too likely.

Things I Am Looking Forward To Tomorrow:

Sappily enough, Stephen getting back – even though he’ll have been gone a day.  Also maybe new shoes.  If the Post Office is on the ball and can deliver them before 7:32pm.

Wednesdays are by default better than Tuesdays, anyway.