Making the bed… or not.

I did the dishes this morning. After I dropped Bitey off at the vet to have him neutered, which has needed to happen for a while now. Also after I ate breakfast, by myself with a book about the Gospel of Judas, at Waffle House. I have now completed all the laundry as well and need only to put it away. Do I really want to change the sheets and make the bed? Or do I want to do some yoga and maybe take a shower? Another option would be to make the bed and then go outside to read some more of this book, which is pretty interesting. Sorry, it’s not right in front of me and I’m too lazy to go get it, but it’s by Bart Ehrman who seems to be a pretty prominent early church scholar/historian.

(Oh, here’s the book.)

Anyway. Yet another option would be to stay sprawled out on this unkempt bed, blogging and doing other sundry things on the internet. So many options! I know what I SHOULD do — make the bed and then do yoga. But I’ve already been productive today! On the other hand, I did spend most of the time at Matt’s parents’ house (where we do our laundry) crocheting or reading. Both of which are enjoyable. So.

Blogging about it is not helping me decide what to do. So, let me tell you about the bag that I bought the other day. It all started at work. My left contact was giving me some trouble, so I managed to find a bottle of super-old saline solution in the office and went to the bathroom to try to clean the contact off and put it back in. Well, I did manage to get it done, but I think the solution was so old that it might have put something on the contact that made my vision out of that eye fuzzy for maybe half an hour afterwards. It went away and I threw the contact away this morning anyway… but all that to say that I decided I should start carrying around some contact solution with me. Which immediately made me want to buy a big purse. The kind that will hold everything.

So, I went to Target after work (and after debating with myself all day about whether I should give in to the whim or not) and ended up buying the last Liberty or whatever bag that they had there. It’s really cute. And it holds everything. I feel slightly trendier carrying it around, and a LOT trendier if I’m wearing those 3″ wedges that I bought about a month ago. Yep. Me, trendy? I fight it, I do. But sometimes I just like the stuff that’s in style! Oh well. Whatever.

I don’t think it’s in style to read about the Gnostic gospels, though. So there. Nor is it in style to read Italo Calvino, which I am not at the moment because the book I want to read by him I can only find NEW at Borders and such, and I refuse to pay $14 for such a cheaply made paperback edition. Seriously.

I bet I could get a good price for it on Amazon Marketplace though. Maybe I’ll stop blogging and go look that up. We’ll see if I get the bed made after that. Oh gee, another 30 minutes has passed already!

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

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