And by the way —

Matt and I are getting joint checking accounts. Probably tomorrow.

Living together is so easy. It’s ridiculously easy. We rarely fight, we agree on most everything, we have almost no problems, ever. It’s almost unnerving sometimes except that occasionally there will be a problem, albeit most of them caused by hormonal imbalance on my part.

Matt just reminded me today though, which is why I didn’t blog about it earlier (probably). It’s just a fairly big step, is all. First the merging of our personal libraries onto mutual shelves, and now bank accounts. For heaven’s sake!


Just got my hair cut today. Matt’s parents gave me a gift card to Super Cuts for my birthday (though I suspect it just happened to be a good reason for them to give it to me, since they offered it to Matt first but he was not interested). (I could be wrong though.) Anyway, I like it. I have bangs now, again. And slightly shorter hair. Not the drastic haircut that I’m used to getting, but the bangs to help.