what a pretty afternoon….

I hate it when we have to fire people at work. This is one reason I’m never going to be interested in the GM position. I had to witness the termination of a girl who’s pretty obviously a pill-popper and had been working there for only a couple of weeks. She has two kids, no car, and just broke up with her boyfriend. And now she has no job. Drugs, man. They’ll bring you down.

But it’s made me realize what a lovely life I have, compared with lots of people. I can pay all my bills, I have a loving boyfriend, a nice little house that makes me happy (especially when it’s clean…), and we have enough money saved to buy another car. This is after the fairly recent MacBook investment, too. Fiscal responsibility is very gratifying.

So … I’m about to put on some music and start cleaning the house. When Matt gets home, we’ll probably do some yoga and then go grocery shopping. I’ve recently purchased a couple of vegetarian cookbooks and want to start making new recipes. Too bad Aldi only carries certain veggies, but it’s not as if Kroger is more than a couple of miles away anyway.

Pretty afternoon, good mood, house-cleaning, yoga, food … plus I’m feeling 100% better than last week. Ahhh.