Sorry, but it IS my blog.

I’m glad I have health insurance through my job. Because if I didn’t, I’d be screwed. Why don’t the republicans want people to have health insurance???! I don’t get it!! They haven’t come up with a better plan; no, they’re just trying to kill this one even after they’ve forced so many changes into it knowing full well that they’re still not going to vote for it. It’s so frustrating for me to watch, even though, like I said, I have health insurance for the time. I just know that so many people don’t and that this country needs a decent way to insure it’s people. Why, why don’t the republicans in the house and senate want people to have insurance?

Okay, no response is requested for this blog. I’m just venting.

Thursday morning

Well, I think I’m sick again. I don’t know what it is about this year, but it seems like I’ve gotten sick more than ever. At least it’s not too bad this time; seems to be only respiratory, which sucks since I have asthma but could be worse. I’m wondering if it’s a bout of bronchitis, since I have a cough and am having to use my inhaler more than usual. I felt really bad yesterday morning because, I theorize, I had used the Primatine Mist OTC inhaler too much the day before … in addition to cleaning the house and stirring up all sorts of dust and cat hair. Not to mention breathing in all the chemicals I used for cleaning. So I went later that day and got a refill on my Albuterol inhaler and have been feeling much better after just taking it easy. I did have to work yesterday, but ate a bunch of cough drops and didn’t feel too bad. My lungs and throat still kind of hurt, but not as much. Having asthma is no fun.

So at least if I’m feeling under the weather, this is perfect weather for it. It’s so rainy and green and lovely outside! I wish my bedroom window opened so that I could hear it better. Maybe I’ll go open the front door. And light some candles. And play some classical music or something. Ahhh, how lovely. I love rainy spring days when I can spend them at home, drinking tea and reading a book.

I DO have to go to a blasted work-related meeting in Brentwood this afternoon. We’re changing payroll companies AGAIN. 2011 will be the third year I’ve had two W-2s, and that’s not because I’ve had more than one job.