(on a lighter note)

I’m doing house cleaning and laundry today, which I’m feeling more excited about now that I’m showered and clean. As much as I dislike showering, there’s nothing like feeling clean and fresh. Now to go dry my hair… and maybe put in contacts. I think I must have a tiny tear in the left one because it makes my eye itch, but the right is just fine and the left was fine right after I got it. I’m hoping the doctor will call back soon to tell me they got my order in….

Speaking of orders, I’m also expecting new Shoes for Crews shoes to show up any day now. They’re work shoes, but I’ll also be able to wear them other places since they’re black leather Chucks basically. Also, I ordered Settlers of Catan!!! From Amazon.com, which wasn’t the cheapest I could find, but for a brand new game and qualifying for free shipping, it was a pretty decent deal. Since the shipping was free, I don’t expect that one for another week….

Does nobody ready this?

Somebody surely thought something about my last blog. I know the use of the word “socialism” is an EXTREME oversimplification and not even accurate, but it’s just using the rhetoric that I hear on the news. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a valid point! Why are Christians so up in arms over the health reform when they should be giving their money to help needy people anyway? And don’t tell me the people who go on government health plans aren’t needy or could be doing more to help themselves. Most of the people I work with don’t have health insurance. Hell, I don’t think most of my family has health insurance. And we’re all hard workers. It makes me mad to read the inflammatory statements made on Facebook about this without having any idea WHY the person believes it’s such a bad move. It seems so inconsistent with what their worldview should be. Which, though it’s a completely different topic, is usually a little more Americanized than Jesus would approve of I’m pretty sure….