first granny motif wrap! completed!

I just put the finishing touches on the first “real” thing I’ve crocheted. The actual first thing I made was a scarf which doesn’t really count since a) I own a million scarves, and b) I did it mainly for practice. As soon as I figured out how to read the crochet lingo (chain 3, 15 dc in ring; join with slip st to top of beginning ch-3; etc), the actual work was pretty easy and I enjoyed it immensely! Mom tried to teach me how to crochet way back when I was 10 or so, but of course I didn’t want to learn. Matt’s Mom insisted on teaching me a month or two ago, and now I’m hooked! Sorry, the pun was partially intentional. Here’s a picture.

just sayin’

So, I’m just gonna say, if I have a little to drink then I enjoy myself SO much more at social gatherings. It’s unfortunate, but works every time. I dread going to the social event, but if I get there and have a shot of something, I have a blast! It’s a little messed up. I wish I wasn’t so antisocial that I need a drug to make me open up and enjoy myself. But it’s not like alcohol is illegal or anything. So I guess I don’t feel that bad.