Monday, woot

I’m glad it’s Monday for one reason only, and that is because Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  Otherwise, Monday can go fuck itself.  I ended up getting to sleep around 3am this morning, because a) I had a cup of coffee before dinner…around, oh, 6:30.  Usually I don’t drink coffee that late in the evening, and usually if I do it’s a weekend when I don’t have to worry about being at work on time the next morning.  Also, b), I’ve had a lot of phlegm/drainage the last several days, and I thought I was getting sick but now I think it was probably just allergies/extreme weather changes, but at any rate once I laid down last night I couldn’t stop coughing.  Stephen said I didn’t keep him up too much, but he might have just been being nice because I seriously laid in bed coughing a good chunk of the night.  Was not much fun.  Finally fell asleep, and got about 4 hours of sleep.  Gah.

On my lunch break today, I’m going to the Sysco store for plugra (will probably get at least 3 pounds….it’s the holidays, after all), and then home to take a quick shower.  Wish I could fit in a blasted nap too.  After work, I need to go grocery shopping and basically get everything – so that will probably entail a trip to Aldi and one to Publix.  After grocery shopping, will probably be going to a show.  I stopped at the Pilot down the road for coffee and energy drinks, heh.

Other than last night though, which was only bad because I couldn’t get to sleep, this weekend was pretty great.  I hung out with Stephen on Friday, and spent most of Saturday/Sunday at home.  My weekend was super productive; I cleaned the whole house (excepting craft stuff I have out in the living room because I’m actually using it), which included mopping the floors in all rooms except living room and bedroom, and putting away all my clothes.  I also did a couple loads of laundry.  And put up my new magnetic knife rack.  And decorated the dining room.

You know, I could always just buy the plugra after work, and shower then too.  To make time for a nap.  I’m feeling oddly…uh, like my eyes are burning and hard to keep open.  You know?

(Bah, Aunt Barbara just expressed great disappointment at the fact that I said I wouldn’t be there for Thanksgiving this year.  Blast.  Now I feel guilty.  And I do love Thanksgiving in Oak Ridge.  But I’m so looking forward to cooking, and to my long weekend which includes my birthday, and I want to be at home for it all.  I still feel guilty though – a perfectly useless feeling if I’m not prepared to act on it, right?)

Suddenly my brain has stopped working.  Will probably spend the rest of the morning staring at my computer screen, and ignoring as many phone calls as possible.  Eh heh.  And maybe going back for more coffee.

UPDATE: just got back from lunch. Stopped feeling so sleepy so decided to go home, shower, then hit up the Cash n Carry story for butter. They had glass gallon jugs of cider on display as you’re walking in, so….duh, I had to get one of those too. Bought three pounds of pulgra, which has gotten a little more expensive than last year but is still cheaper than buying it at a regular grocery store. (Out of curiosity, I just looked it up on Amazon, and it’s twice as expensive there as at the Sysco store!) Anyway, bought 3 lbs so that I can use it for the pie, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey, rolls….basically everything that needs butter. Yeah. That’s right.

And I’m looking forward to grocery shopping tonight, too.

The one thing I did neglect is getting actual lunch. Naturally, when I got back to the office, it smelled delicious. I’m now wishing I had more food than natural peanut butter and hazelnut chocolate spread (a healthier version of Nutella…). Should’ve stopped at Subway or something. Damn. At least I have energy drink!

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Monday, woot”

  1. Hi Erin, you are my…um, 3rd cousin? My mom is Virginia. Anyway, in regards to living away…I understand your dilemma. Have been traveling to ET for the last 25 years (at least) in order to spend time with family. Sometimes we just have to say no…to the travel and all the accompanying guilt, restlessness, and homesick-ness. Wishing you serenity, courage, and wisdom through the holidays (when expectations run rampant.)


    1. Thanks Vicki! I’m going back for Christmas, so am reminding myself that I really shouldn’t feel TOO guilty about it. 🙂 Plus I’m going to be celebrating it this year with my best friend and my boyfriend, so I’m still excited.


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