The coffee is disappointingly weak this morning. I might need more.

I have plenty to say. Let’s see.

Amanda got married on Saturday. I ended up spending Friday night in Joelton, along with a good chunk of the bridal party and Amanda’s family. It was an enjoyable night (maybe not so much for her family, but the rest of us had a blast). The wedding was simple and beautiful and I’m really happy for Amanda and Tim. I feel bad for skipping out on the after party on Saturday night, but the thought of drinking more alcohol was making me want to throw up, and I was just completely peopled-out by that time in the day anyway. So I went home.

Emily stayed with me Saturday night so she could wait until Sunday to drive back to KY, and we got Cracker Barrel for breakfast which was the most human interaction I had all day. After she left and I got back home, I did my best to ignore my phone and focus on Astrud (if you want to know, and I’m pretty sure none of you actually do, I spent most of the day hunting down the 24 Stones of Barenziah and then finding the crown; kind of anti-climactic, but the crown is very, uh, bright and shiny anyway…).

So that’s your extremely condensed version of the weekend. I would go into more detail…but I don’t really feel that it’s too important anyway.

Made these fruit tarts last night and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out. I just made a basic cream cheese filling, but made a honey lavender glaze which I was afraid was going to taste too much like lavender. Personally though, I thought it was perfect.

fruit tarts