Yay Friday…!

Plan for today inludes the following.

– Either take a nap or a shower on my lunch break. Probably nap.
– Take a walk when I get home from work (going to try to start doing this…my will power seems to fluctuate daily)
– Clean the house a bit
– Do some laundry
– If I take a nap at lunch, there will probably be a bath after work
– Maybe I should buy a bottle of champagne or something to go with the bath. Could use some more flowers too.
– Definitely buying champagne and taking a bath.

Confession – I have been watching the League, which I never thought would be interesting at all as it’s about a bunch of people on a fantasy football league. Surprisingly, it’s really funny. Post-bath I might watch this while doing my nails, or something.

This seems like a relaxing plan for a Friday night. Now it just needs to hurry up and be 5:00.