Tuesday brings yet another brilliant title

I just don’t want to think about titling my entries this early in the morning. Or ever.

So it’s Tuesday morning. I’ve had a very bittersweet week so far. I am a single woman about to be 30 years old. I live by myself with my 3 cats. I have to be responsible for things like mowing my lawn (no one else is going to take care of it), and things like not over-eating or spending too much money. I have to look out for my best interest. You wouldn’t think that it would be such a difficult thing, but sometimes it is.

I had a good weekend, full of low-stress interactions with people who I like. Yesterday I came home from work and mowed the lawn, then straightened the house some. Changed my sheets, did a load of laundry. Had a sandwich and leftover mashed potatoes for dinner. Watched some TV. Read a little, cried when the mood struck me.

Why do I keep talking to Matt in the first person? Obviously he can’t hear me, and won’t ever hear me again. I know this…and sometimes I even talk to him inside my head – because that’s the only place that he’s still alive? I don’t know. How long will I feel the need to talk to him? How long should I keep his FB page up? You know, it’s been almost 5 months. They said that the initial shock lasts about 6 months generally, and then your life starts settling down again. Of course everyone’s grief is different. I don’t quite know what to expect. I just realized today that the 6 month mark is one day before Matt’s birthday.

I need to start working on being healthy. I know Matt would want that (…curse words…). I know it would make me happier and feel better. Hell, I feel better just after mowing the lawn yesterday, and it’s not like that was strenuous cardio or anything. I’ve been making an effort to eat better already but need to continue that. It’s harder when I’m just cooking for myself.

I have all these good intentions, but I am still so bad at following through sometimes. I don’t know how much of my lack of motivation is because of Matt, and how much is because of my general laziness. I feel like, as long as I’ve been single almost 5 months, that I should be able to organize and motivate myself to be better. And I guess I’m still making slow progress.

I so much want to become a better person because of all this bullshit. Do I act different? I know I feel different. I really, really want ANYthing positive that can come out of this. Yes, I have plenty of time to keep learning. Yes, I wish Matt was here too. I have to keep remembering how glad I am that he is not in such intense pain anymore. I wish there was a way he could see how much I miss him though, and feel loved.

Oh well.

Anyway, just needed to ramble a bit.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday brings yet another brilliant title

  1. I feel like affirming all the things in this blog post. Especially the idea that you have time to keep learning. Keep being merciful to yourself…

    I’m really glad you blog a lot.


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