Saturday morning

I’m brainstorming bedroom makeover options. I’m kinda excited about re-doing the room, honestly. Not excited about sleeping in my bed alone, but at least it will be comfortable and pretty. 🙂 I’ll adjust, and still sleep on the couch some anyway.

So the headboard I bought is upholstered in dark grey linen and has brass accents. I also got a white linen duvet cover with pillowcases which is going to be gorgeous! I’m thinking that I’m going to hang curtain rods from the ceiling to make it a mock-canopy bed, using those sheer curtains from Ikea. With some brightly-colored sheets and maybe a pretty pillow or something, I bet it’ll look great. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to paint in there, but might look into getting a cool wall decal (like tree branches or something). Or just some new artwork.

I haven’t decided how to arrange the furniture yet. There are only a few places that the bed could easily, so I might just leave it where it is now, but move the dresser and put all three bookshelves along the far wall. We’ll see. I need help moving the dresser so I can’t do anything with it right now anyway.

I’ve been thinking about getting some new curtains for in there, too. Possibly a rug if I could find a nice cheap one.

I’m up early because I drove Ryan to Dickson this morning. The drive made me miss Matt, of course. I’m finding that overall, it’s becoming easier for me to feel decent…but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard to feel bad. Matt. Killed himself. It sinks in more every day.