Finally it’s not summer anymore!!!

I LOVE any season that is not summer — and I especially love fall. All the colors and crunchy leaves and hot cider and crisp air are well and good, but mostly I get excited about fall because it’s not summer anymore! Oh, I hate the heat.

Anyway, so I get so excited that I want to decorate the whole house. I’ve also been spending lots of time on Pinterest at work lately and getting a ton of good ideas. It also makes me want to take cute pictures of my house and put them on the internets, though. Hope no one is expecting a wordy entry because the rest of this is probably just gonna be pictures.


This is my front door wreath. I have a lot of greens and blues in with the browns/reds/yellows/oranges this year. I like it.




Here’s Bitey on his harness. Just because I like taking pictures of Bitey.





(This is a detail of the hurricane glass holding the branches above.)




Pinterest idea: grapevine wreath as a charger. Haven’t tried eating on them yet, but it sure is pretty.