Today, in a list.

  • Alarm goes off at 4:55
  • Get up at 5:32
  • Work until about 2:20
  • Get home 15 minutes later
  • Check Facebook, etc.
  • Matt gets home around 3:20
  • Doze on the bed while Matt checks Facebook, chess moves, etc.
  • Try to persuade Matt not to work out because I don’t want to
  • Fail
  • Work out
  • Cold shower
  • Make a list of my day

Yet to happen (but in the agenda):

  • Clean up the kitchen (it’s been about 5 days…)
  • Grocery store
  • Possibly McKay’s (which would be before the groceries)
  • Deliberate about what to have for dinner
  • Eat dinner
  • Probably watch the rest of If….; the first DVD we got from Netflix played until the movie was half-way over and then refused to go on, so the replacement was in the mail today
  • Sleep

Exciting, eh?