okay, okay, okay.

every time I post a rant-blog I feel kind of bad. I think I have a guilt complex. but it just seems mean-spirited, even though I’m sure the person who brought all that on is never going to read the blog (so nobody worry, of course). (unless you should.) (but worrying is generally not helpful anyway.)

um, anyway. I don’t have a lot to say. life has been pretty normal lately. I’m about to take my vacation (or at least 5 days of it plus some of my regular days off) which was meant to be spent in Texas with Matt’s family, but will be spent mostly in Nashville instead since Matt wasn’t able to get all the time off. which means I probably won’t get a Christmas present from Matt’s aunt and uncle in Texas again this year since they still won’t know I exist. not that it matters, though two years ago they gave everyone these nice fleeces. oh well.

so I’ll be chilling around town. need to make a list of things that I want to do. I’ll definitely finish my book (Catch 22). not sure what else I want to accomplish. probably I’ll just try to keep the house clean.

we might take a weekend trip somewheres else. not sure yet where or when or if.

I ought to go wash the dishes from dinner last night. Matt’s working out now, and I did earlier. what for dinner tonight? hmmm.

just more of the same thing

why do people have to be close-minded? listen: it’s not THAT hard to exercise critical thinking or to be reasonable. you just have to come up with logical premises and follow them through to their respective logical conclusions. sometimes there is more than one conclusion for a set of premises. that’s okay! it just means that you need to make sure they’re both logical and then accept them as dual conclusions!

as a simple example to illustrate —
premise one: Knoxville is in Tennessee
premise two: Nashville is in Tennessee
premise three: Knoxville is in Knox County
premise four: Nashville is in Davidson County
conclusion:  Knox County and Davidson are in Tennessee. However, from these premises, you cannot conclude that they are ONLY in Tennessee.

Just saying. Logic can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. it just makes sense. and like I said, thinking ISN’T THAT HARD!!!

and furthermore —
premise one: sitting in front of the TV does not generally require any critical thinking
premise two: if you merely parrot what you hear other people say, it does not mean that you have a valid opinion
(sub-premises are basically that you have to legitimately think about what you’re hearing people say, weigh your options, and gather information from other sources in order to have a valid opinion)
conclusion: people who sit in front of the TV and do not apply critical thinking generally do not have valid opinions.

sorry, please point out any fallacious reasoning on my part, but it just sure seems to follow.

I apologize if this is too rant-y.  it’s just something I feel the need to do every now and then.