So, the library is now doubling as a craft room. Last weekend, we got this new cube storage unit, and rearranged some furniture, and now it looks like this!


The shelf on the left is holding most of my craft tools …not pictured are the four bins of fabric plus some extra sewing accessories. Also not pictured is a basket of leather. But yeah – I’m feeling pretty excited about everything having a home – and about this huge table that I can use as a work surface!

I finished this scarf for Stephen yesterday. It’s a grey linen yarn, with a cobalt blue cottolin yarn. Turned out very well, IMO – I love the look and feel of linen soooo much. It won’t be the warmest scarf ever, but it hangs well and Stephen said he likes it, so.


Started on another one last night – a wider warp – greyish blue with some cobalt and light peach stripes. I’m going to use a grey cashmere as the weft, with a couple of blue and peach horizontal stripes as well. Going for a sort of plaid look, I suppose. We’ll see how it turns out – am hoping it’ll look good! I ordered this cashmere yarn from an Etsy store and it shipped from France, so you know, trying not to waste it. Will post a picture once I finish this one…which might be a bit since I don’t have a whole weekend ahead of me to watch horror movies and weave. (sigh)